For anyone working away at the affiliate marketing dream, never forget that with the right tools, your goals are well within your grasp. We spoke to Sinisa Krivokapic of Prosperitas Media, who told us how Multilogin had helped propel his business to 500% growth and six-figure revenue. 

Multilogin is something important that I could not change.

Moving from virtual machines to Multilogin

Sinisa, we understand that you have had some fantastic growth in your business over the past year. Tell us firstly a little bit about your business and what you do.

I am doing affiliate marketing, mainly promoting CPA offers by running ads on Facebook. At the moment, my team is just me and my browser!

And how was the process before Multilogin? What were you using or what tools did you try, and how was your experience?

Before Multilogin, my business was running on virtual machines – and it doesn’t even come close to my current situation. It was very slow and just not possible to have to copy so much data. Every time I set a virtual machine up, I had to first make the system, meaning laboriously installing and configuring Windows. Facebook also began to notice a lot of suspicious activity at that time.

A lot of our readers will understand the frustration and sheer time sink of running individual virtual machines. We know Multilogin was a big ingredient in moving on from that. 

Yes, as I said, Facebook was noticing a lot of suspicious activity, which is why I was looking for something like this, like Multilogin. I think I heard about you in late 2016, found you somehow on Google. I don’t remember what exactly I was searching for, but it was something related to virtual accounts. Nobody I knew was using it then! It wasn’t popular at the time or discussed on forums.

Facebook was noticing a lot of suspicious activity, which was why I was looking for something like Multilogin. My interest was immediately spiked.

My interest was immediately spiked by how easy it was to set up everything and the fact I could have everything, all profiles, in one place. It was so much easier and very fast.

An incredible revenue growth and ROI

And what has been the impact on the accounts you run, as well as the overall impact on your business?

When I was logging in from virtual machines, my login record was different from the original. But with what I am doing now it’s the same. It’s no longer something unusual or suspicious; it’s the same machine that Facebook recognized. When I import cookies, it’s like you close Chrome and open again, normal activity.

Multilogin has helped me to achieve less unusual or suspicious activity on my accounts and they started living longer. That is the most important thing.

Multilogin is something really important, something I could not change at the moment and could not replace with something else. I can now say I manage at least 5 times more accounts than before – but it can go much higher. Last year we made six figures in revenue.

Feeling inspired by Sinisa? Start turning those dreams into reality today and take the first step by choosing your plan and signing up for an account with Multilogin now. We’ve got your back!