Canvas Defender is a browser add-on for Firefox and Chrome that spoofs Canvas fingerprint.


How does it actually work?

Canvas fingerprint is the result of data transformation performed by your computer. A website sends a set of drawing instructions to your browser. Your browser transforms it into an image. Due to discrepancies in hardware and software, the resulting image produced on different machines contains minor differences. Those differences can be memorized by websites and compared to each other like fingerprints.

Canvas Defender adds a persistent “noise” to the resulting image, thus altering it and making different from what your genuine canvas fingerprint would be. This alone does not make your machine untraceable but allows to drop the fingerprint at will. More information can be found in our article “How Canvas Fingerprint Blockers Make You Easily Trackable”.

Is it enough?

This depends on your goal. Most privacy related goals require complex approach, which cannot be achieved by spoofing Canvas fingerprint alone. Also, there are known problems with spoofing Canvas fingerprint, some of which are described here (link coming soon).

Can you add X feature?

We may add it at some point. You can see the list of planned updates here (link coming soon). Please understand that we are focusing mainly on the development of our core product Multiloginapp. Even its free version receives updates more often than our non-core solutions like Canvas Defender. If you want to start benefiting from better browser privacy right now, we suggest you trying Multiloginapp. Multiloginapp will always be free for non-commercial users.

Have a question?

Canvas Defender support is provided by Multiloginapp customer support team, which is available at