Social media advertiser Adam calls Multilogin the “gold standard” for the industry. As he says, without Multilogin, he may already have been out of business – but now he’s instead hit seven figures in revenue. For any of you grinding away at the dream and facing unpredictable account bans, this could be your game-changer. Watch or read our interview to find out how.


I chose Multilogin to mitigate the risk. Otherwise, with Facebook Ads, your business is just at their mercy.

Hello, my name is Taivo. I’m an Account Manager here at Multilogin. And today we have another customer here talking about his experience which he had with Multilogin, and he will share it with you. 

Happy to be here. My name is Adam Colbert. I’m from Denver, Colorado. And I own an agency called Rocket 31. And we mostly do social media advertising. So Facebook, Google Ads, mostly paid advertising.

The main reason that I use Multilogin is to deal with social media account bans. So even if you even if you have a whitehat use case, the landscape right now with social media networks is very sketchy. You know, Facebook is constantly banning accounts. So there’s always a reason to have backup advertising accounts, even if you’re just using it for client work. So that’s where Multilogin has been a game changer. I also do e-commerce. So client work and then e-commerce.

And you came to that conclusion that you can use Multilogin for multiple use cases. So while using Multilogin, or that was the goal or the business before you joined Multilogin?

I was able to do that through Multilogin. We were previously having issues with our accounts being restricted. One time our main (Facebook) Business Manager got disabled. So we at that point, we were like, you know, hey, we’re gonna have to do something because we could lose our whole business if, you know, Facebook bans our Business Manager. So I started researching and I looked at a few different tools.

Multilogin was, I believe, the most expensive just to be honest. But that’s part of why I went with it, because I figured, okay, it’s expensive. It’s not cheap. There’s no free tier, it must be very well supported. That was my thought process when I made the decision to use Multilogin over some of the other tools that are available.

And as I understand, you’re the owner or the founder of the company?

That’s correct. I also own another business, that’s an e-commerce brand. And in that business, I have a partner. So we use Multilogin for my own team, our client accounts, as well as our e-commerce business, where we have different product brands under that business. Four of our team use Multilogin.

You can easily use Multilogin, it’s not difficult and the support is really solid.

Okay, and how easy it was like to set up the business process with Multilogin, was it even maybe complicated?

It wasn’t complicated. I think, as long as there are some settings, you know, that you need to be aware of. But, if you’ve used marketing tools before, you can easily use Multilogin, it’s not difficult and the support is really solid. The support is always there. The live chats…I was actually on a live chat last night because my proxies were resolving globally instead of resolving to the location. And it was actually my fault for whitelisting my IP address, but the support was helpful. Anyhow, it’s very easy to use, in my opinion. It’s easy.

 If we go a little bit back in time, maybe you can describe your work process before you started with Multilogin?

Before we started with Multilogin, it was just, you know, we had a Business Manager account on Facebook. And if some of our employees are in there, they’re being assigned to different ad accounts, pages, whatever. So it was just really… and we also used virtual machines for a while. So as a way to try to make backup accounts in case something happens to our main business. Virtual machines…it just wasn’t feasible, I wasn’t able to really get it to work right. And then the work process was basically just hope and pray, I mean, hope and pray that Facebook doesn’t ban you or that, you know, they don’t ban your business.

Virtual machines just weren’t feasible. The process was ‘hope and pray’ they don’t ban you. So I realized I needed something to protect us. In my mind, Multilogin was the gold standard.

So then once, so, once we moved to Multilogin, it’s just, whenever we acquire an account, we load it into the profile with the proxy, and make sure everybody’s hardware is concurrent. Then they can go into the account and use it as they need to.

Okay, so, can you also maybe remember what was like, for you personally, what was like the main problem that you wanted to solve with Multilogin?

I just wanted to mitigate the risk of the business, because your whole business, Facebook ads, are just at their mercy, and anything could happen. So in order to mitigate that risk, that’s why I chose Multilogin. Spread out, you know, we use different Business Managers and things. So if we launched an e-commerce site, actually, last year, we had an e-commerce brand selling UV sanitizing lights. We were rolling good for about three months, and Facebook banned the business, and they just wouldn’t give it back to us. And we lost a lot of money. So that’s another that was another time when I was like, ‘Oh, I need something to protect us’. Because if we had Multilogin, we could have just easily pivoted into another Business Manager and just not had any issues.

And here I would like to ask you like, where did you find out about us?

It was actually through research. So I’m on BlackHatWorld, the forum. And I see I’d seen it be mentioned. And then one of my friends is a is a user. So I kind of just asked him and he said it was really good.

There were no doubts, because I actually watched some of the videos from your product owner, and some of your older tutorial videos. And then I watched, I don’t know how I found a sponsored video where you guys went on vacation or something and were in the woods. But I thought it was really cool! That, you know, I just thought it was cool that okay, this is a real company. So there wasn’t anything that would have stopped me, I think.

In my mind, it was like, okay, this is this is obviously the gold standard. In my mind, that’s what I was thinking at the time.

So and when was like the moment when you decided, okay, I need to improve, I need to grow, I need to do this investment. When did you decide to pull the trigger?

Basically, at the time when one of our Business Managers got disabled, our main Business Manager for our agency got disabled and it was like, at that point I go, luckily, I got it back, I repealed the ban and got it back. But that was the point where I was like, okay, I have to really, I need to do something now. You just lose your whole business if they, for whatever reason, decide that you’ve done something wrong, even if you haven’t. You don’t beat that appeal process, you just don’t. So that’s the point where I was like, okay, I need to spread out risk, not only for the agency side, but for the e-commerce, because we had had bans in the past. So that was when I really made that decision. I bought the software, started working on sourcing accounts, found a great vendor for that as well. It was just worth the investment.

Because if you don’t know, if you just wait for the problem to happen, you’re going to be done, you’re going to be sitting there for a month or more while you sort this thing out. So it’s just better if you have the items in place. For example, last week, we have an e-comm – my partner and I have an e-comm venture that’s doing 100k a month. It’s a great product; it’s been rolling strong for about four months. Our page quality score on Facebook dropped because we had an issue with our vendor and Facebook sent our ads off. So you know, for this brand, we were spending about 1800 bucks a day. No warnings: they shut everything down. But I didn’t feel that bad about it. Because I’m like, okay, all I need to do is pop up this other profile, warm it up for a few days, and then I can just continue on. So just be I feel good to have that in place.

That’s good to hear. And also thank you for sharing this experience. And before we round up, let’s get into some numbers. I would like to know, what’s your ROI from using Multilogin? Maybe you can name like a ballpark number.

I mean, honestly, it’s invaluable. So it’d be, if I had to think about ROI, it’s more about just still existing. Right? So if I didn’t have Multilogin, I would have, it may just be impossible to exist. I may have been already out of business on the Facebook ads side by now.

Multilogin is invaluable. If I didn’t have Multilogin, I may have already been out of business.

As for actual ROI numbers, since I have signed up and paid for Multilogin, it must have at least almost doubled the amount of revenue that I was doing before. Of course, I have more expenses, you know, but I am on almost seven figures. That’s where I’m at.

Is there any forecast of revenue or growth for the like, this year? Are there certain future goals you wish to accomplish by using Multilogin?

We’re scaling to the moon. I mean, just this week we’re launching one new e-commerce brand, constantly. I constantly have leads coming in for clients. So I mean, it’s, as far as a goal, it’d be set over seven figures. It’s doable, between e-commerce and the agency side. So, yeah, that’s that’s the goal.

I have only two questions left – last questions! How likely are you to recommend Multilogin and what is the reason someone should start using Multilogin in your opinion?

I’m super like to recommend it. I would always recommend Multilogin. I think somebody asked me what to use, I’d say Multilogin, because it’s the one you should use.

But yes, for someone who’s struggling with Facebook ads, a lot of people out there that are getting into e-commerce that aren’t necessarily on the affiliate side. They’re just on the e-commerce side, they’re trying to do dropship e-comm. Or they own an agency and their Business Manager got shut down. You know, those are the people who need Multilogin.

if you don’t have that, if you don’t have that backup, you’re just done. And if you go look at any forum, go on BlackHatWorld, look at the Facebook ads forum section. every third post is like ‘my account got banned!’. If you go into like the Adleaks group on Facebook, if…the people who advertise on Facebook will know what I’m talking about. If you go into that group, I mean, every other post is ‘My account is restricted. What do I do? Oh no!’ Well, the way that you can prevent that if you’re if you’re making money already, and you have some cash, buy Multilogin, set yourself up with backup profiles, just hire somebody to warm up your VMs, get find a virtual credit card solution that works. I’m in the US, so I use, as well as Stripe Issuing. But Amex has a great virtual card program. So my advice to anyone is to set this stuff up now. So you’re not that guy that’s on Reddit or Adleaks or BlackHatWorld crying about your account being banned. All you have to do is just pivot into a new account.

That’s a good summary. I would like to thank you for your feedback, all the information you provided. And we hope that everything you said and mentioned here will get to the people who are actually still searching for solutions to improve their businesses, and hopefully they will be a part of Multilogin as you are right now. So thank you again, Adam. And I wish you all the best.

For anyone working on multiple accounts in paid advertising, it’s crucial to spread the risk, or your business can disappear overnight. To follow in Adam’s footsteps and protect and grow your business with Multilogin, explore our solo, team, scale, automation and custom plans and sign up for an account today.