Smashing business goals with a 50 times growth in revenue, targeting a 100 times growth in the coming months: ecommerce specialist Umer tells us how Multilogin has helped him scale more than he could have imagined. He did it, and so can you – so watch or read the interview below to find out how.


Wow, this is a game-changer! I can save a lot of money using the software and expand easily.

Hi, my name is Umer, and I’m from Pakistan. The business I’m associated with is related to e-commerce. It’s more about eBay and Amazon accounts, selling stuff on eBay and Amazon. So this is what my business is about. And I also have clients from all over the world who have their accounts to sell stuff with me using my services.

Okay. And I understand you’re the owner or founder of the company.


Great. So what I’d like to ask about first is setting up the work process: was it easy or maybe it was even complicated?

It was really easy, because I was able to set up most of the things, just looking at options and exploring different things without requiring any help from different people. Maybe around like two or three options, I needed help. I just opened a chat with Multilogin, and they guided me through the process. So yeah, it was easy. It was really easy.

Can you also maybe remember what those issues were or…?

I think it was related to geolocation and related resolution, because the screen was not opening properly. And I was like, how can I make sure that the screen is opening properly, and it matches the laptop screen. The support team were really helpful. They connected via TeamViewer. And they just, you know, showed me how to do it.

That’s great to hear. Okay, so let’s right now, maybe go a little bit back in time? And can you maybe describe the…how was your work process before you start using Multilogin?

We were using virtual machines and servers to manage different accounts. Because you know, if we are using the same IP to manage more than one marketplace account, like Amazon or eBay, they will know and they will restrict or suspend both the selling stores, right? So we were using virtual machines and servers, they were extremely slow and expensive, where one server costs you around $30 to maybe $50, if you’re creating a regular server. And if you want to expand, maybe create 20, 30, 40, 50 servers, you can see the cost adding up. So yeah, that was that was how we were doing and it was costing us a lot.

Multilogin is really fast, which is convenient, and you can just open it very easily compared to the virtual machines.

Okay, and can you also maybe remember, the main problem that you wanted to solve?

The problem was ease of access. And the ability to control how your employees or your VS can be limited in their access. And at the same time, they have all the access to but at the same time, you’re the one who can make the final changes. And, of course, the speed, because once you are using servers, you pay for the the RAM, the storage and everything. And so you’re limited if you want to create something really having great speed, it would cost you around $60 to 80 per month for a good virtual machine. On Multilogin it just you know doesn’t affect your speed. Multilogin is really fast, which is convenient, and you can just open it very easily compared to the virtual machines.

Okay, that’s great to hear. And may I also ask, do you remember when you first heard about Multilogin, was it recommended or you found us through research?

One of my clients was using it and he mentioned that this is something we need to explore. And he wanted my advice on it. He said can you check what is it about and if we can save money using it? And then once we explored the software, of course, I had to do some research but once I cracked all the stuff, I thought, wow, this is a game changer. I can you know, I can save a lot of money using the software and expand easily.

And so the deciding factor to pull the trigger and finally buy Multilogin, was it then the speed, the quality, what was it?

Speed, and the cost which it was saving us, because each one profile, maybe cost me… it cost us maybe $5 to $10 at the most, if I consider the price of a proxy, or residential proxy, or any of the proxies I need from any part of the world. But if I’m creating a server, it’s costing me like $30 to $50, or even more if I if I want a good server, right? And, you know, the ability to expand easily that those were the two factors.

The numbers increased at least 50 times. Now because I have Multilogin, I can easily accommodate new clients and tell them not to worry about virtual machines.

Before we round up, can we get into the numbers as well? I would really like to know what your ROI from using Multilogin is?

The numbers increased at least 50 times, because previously, whenever a new client came up and had just one or two accounts and was afraid he would have to pay a lot to set those accounts up, I didn’t have a solution for those things. But now, because I have Multilogin, I can easily accommodate any of the new clients and I tell them don’t worry about virtual machines or what could be used to manage your accounts, because you already have a solution and it won’t cost much.

So, it allows my business to accommodate new clients easily without having to spend a lot of costs, especially the start-up businesses, and at the same time, some of my clients who are very established can expand very fast. So because of these two options allowing me to save cost and expand really fast, I can be fairly certain that it was more than 50 times my ROI increased.

That’s really, that’s a huge and awesome number to hear. And is there any forecast of revenue or growth for this year?

Because I have a different number of in each of my clients, so I can’t really say, I can’t really say about the numbers, because I have a lot of clients, and all of them are using Multilogin, because I have a setup or a few accounts with all of those. So it’s hard to say.

Are there certain future goals that you wish to accomplish?

We are currently waiting due to issues with Covid, but as soon as those issues are fixed, we are even looking to expand 100 times more because of Multilogin.

We are even looking to expand 100 times more because of Multilogin.

And my last two questions are, how likely are you to recommend Multilogin to other people? And what is the reason someone should start using Multilogin, in your opinion?

The main two reasons I would say, first is that it is really easy to set up, it is easy to manage and control. Because I’ve seen people in the same business, they are using portable browsers, they are using virtual machines, and they are not very happy about it. So I would definitely recommend anyone who is using an eBay account or Amazon account, and he wants to expand, he wants to open more stores, maybe someone from the family, 5, 10, 15 stores, they should definitely consider Multilogin, because not only it’s going to save their time, but also it’s going to save your money.

And of course, the speed is really good. You don’t want to be restricted by the speed of the virtual machines or servers. And just to add, I already am in a lot of groups where people are asking for solutions to extend. And I’m already recommending everyone will use Multilogin from some time.

Thank you for that. So, I would also like to thank you for all the feedback and input that you provided. We hope that everything you said and mentioned it will get to the people who actually are still searching or looking for solutions to improve their business and hopefully soon they will be part of our team as you are. And again, thank you and I wish you a good day.

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