3G proxy

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3G Proxy provides proxies in 55 countries, offering a real mobile experience with a strong privacy shield. IPs are assigned directly from the pool of the local carrier, like to a normal user. With 99% uptime, unlimited connections and a variety of carriers, it’s the biggest IP pool you can get. 

  • 100% owned SIM cards, devices and servers 

  • 24/7 uptime: no disconnects, back connects and unplanned cutouts 

  • Full 4G speed – up to 60Mbits download and 40Mbits upload 

  • Automatic IP rotation; Sticky IP or Rotating on request 

  • Control center with IP history, data usage monitoring and API access 

3G Proxy offers

  • 100% owned servers and SIM cards in every country 

  • Data rollover on activation of next package  

  • On-site support in every location in every country     

  • FULL 4G/LTE speed – no speed sharing

  • FULL control on IP rotation (Auto, Sticky or on Demand)

  • GEO expanding per customer/market request

  • Custom solutions on client request

  • Promo code: MULG3G22 will give a 10% discount on all 3G proxy services for everybody who provides this code to 3G proxy support

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