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AstroProxy is an enterprise proxy infrastructure for web data collection. Choose your datacenter, residential and mobile proxies from 100+ countries. Get VPN-ready rotated proxies with HTTPS and SOCKS5 support for $0.3/month. Set a target by city, ASN, ISP or carrier and control proxies through the single-page dashboard.

  • Rotating proxies and continuous sticky sessions 

  • Full-featured free proxy test and live support 

  • Advanced pricing, charging only inbound or outbound traffic, payable in USD or crypto 

  • Open-source API and single-paged interface for granular control and detailed statistics 

  • Flexible pricing rates for unlimited or packet-based traffic usage  

  • Full GDPR & CCPA compliance

Astroproxy offers

Datacenter proxies

  • Private proxies at the price of shared ones 

  • Clean whitelisted IP addresses 

  • Target by state, city, and ASN 

  • Real-time flexible settings  

  • Top-qualified support via Facebook, Telegram, and email 

  • Pricing plans from $0.3 per month

Residential proxies

  • 1M+ high-trusted real-peer IPs

  • Wide geolocation range, 100+ countries

  • Dynamic IPs rotating by timer, by link or on demand

  • Unlimited access to all IP pools

  • The most handy control dashboard in a single window

  • Any software compliance

Mobile proxies

  • Ethically based real end-user IPs  

  • 4G mobile proxies distributed by cities and carriers 

  • 99.9% uptime 

  • VPN-compatible ports with presets for iOS, Win, Android and Mac 

  • Instant access to a selected proxy pool 

  • Automatic or manual IP rotation. 

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