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Founded in 2009, GeoSurf is the pioneer in the business proxies market. GeoSurf's network includes more than 3.7M residential IP proxies, a vast static IP network and mobile IPs. Its in-built IP rotation API is tailor-made for high-performance and sub-account activities.

  • 3.7 real residential IPs from real devices

  • Simple and quick integration with MLA

  • Premium support on all plans

  • Built-in sub-account support

  • 4 Proxy networks in one account: Residential, Static Residential, Static IPs & Mobile IPs

  • Designated customer success manager

  • Direct connection with your CSM

Geosurf offers

  • A true business proxy network

  • 3.7M real residential IPs in every country

  • Same price for all residential proxy types (City, Country, ISP etc.)

  • Options between high rotation and sticky IPs

  • No domain restrictions. Works with all websites

  • 50% discount for MLA users on the first month and up to $500 - code MLA2023

This is an exclusive deal for Multilogin users. To take advantage of this offer, you'll need to set up an account with Multilogin first. If you are already a user, simply proceed to the partner's page to claim your deal.