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Smartproxy is determined to provide easy-to-use data access solutions and proxy management tools for anyone. With them, you level the playing field against huge data hoarding companies, competitors and more technically-able companies. They are trusted by clients ranging from individuals to universities and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Full-stack scraping solution with Scraping API

  • Pay As You Go option

  • No subnets

  • Up to 30 min sticky sessions

  • <1s average response time

  • Full anonymity and security

Smartproxy offers

Residential proxies

  • Pool of 40+ million residential IPs in 195 locations

  • Local data access in 8 major cities and 50 US states

  • Constantly great customer service and 24/7 live chat

  • No limit on concurrent connections

  • Firefox and Chrome extensions + free proxy address generator

  • Extensive documentation for the most popular tools

Datacenter proxies

  • Easy access to 40,000 IP addresses

  • 30 minutes sticky sessions

  • Super advanced proxy rotation

  • No IP or connection limits

  • Awarded 24/7 customer support crew


  • Get 35% OFF your Residential Micro and Datacenter Clever plans

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