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Import browser cookies

Give a profile a realistic history and help authentication by importing cookies.

How it works


Import JSON and Netscape cookies

Export JSON and Netscape cookies from Chrome and Firefox into Mimic and Stealthfox.


Import cookies using API

Make profile creation faster by using Local REST API to import cookies at scale, instead of using the manual import function.


Overwrite older cookies

Import new cookies from a different browser for a particular website, such as Facebook, to overwrite the old ones.

Build a reliable history for each profile

In a few seconds, give a new profile a detail history to make it appear as a genuine user with a predictable browser history.

Pass cookie-based authentication

Pass checks that many sites use cookies to authenticate (for example, to understand you as logged in).

Transfer your previous work to Multilogin

By importing cookies from a browser you've previously worked on into Multilogin, preserve one important element of your previous work.