Cookie Robot

Create a realistic browser history from scratch with the automated CookieRobot.

How it works


Auto-crawl any site for cookies

Create a custom list of websites you want CookieRobot to build a history for.


Choose dwell time on each site

Adapt crawling settings to your own needs with a short or longer time on each site.


Run CookieRobot in the background

Set CookieRobot to build your history in the background while you proceed with other tasks.

Automate cookie gathering

Focus on your revenue-generating activities and let automation take care of manual account building.

Work at scale

Build a realistic account history for hundreds of profiles at scale without needing to hire virtual assistants or invest in extra resources.

Ditch risky farmed accounts

Swap risky farmed accounts with unreliable histories for profiles that you can completely control - while still saving on creation time.