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Choice of Firefox- and Chromium-based browsers

Select Stealthfox, built on Firefox, or Mimic, built on Chromium, to best fit your needs.

How it works


Stealthfox browser

Stealthfox is based on the Firefox engine, the first browser to challenge browser fingerprinting, with the added customizable capabilities of Multilogin that make it far more reliable than Mozilla’s leaky multi-account containers.


Mimic browser

Mimic uses Google’s Chromium engine – making it ideal for running Google ads, for example - while adding extra browser fingerprint management capabilities. Unlike Chrome, however, we don’t send real parameters to Google.

Use more secure versions of widely used browsers

Enjoy the functionalities of the world's most popular browsers - such as using Chromium for work with Google - with the added security elements of Multilogin.

Vary your fingerprint

Vary how your profiles appear to add an element of difference by using Firefox- or Chromium-based browsers in the form of Stealthfox and Mimic.