Content Security Policy: Say ‘Good Bye’ to Your Privacy Extensions

There are certain technologies that are being adopted as a standard because they enhance safety levels for both websites and the users who visit them. Content security policy is an added layer of security that helps browser prevent specific cyber-attacks from happening, and it’s being widely adopted as a basic safety measure across all sites … Продолжить

Everything You Need to Know About Canvas Fingerprinting

There are many techniques out there that can be used to track and identify you through your browsers. One of the most creative and effective ways websites can do this is through canvas fingerprinting. This innovative tracking technique allows websites to identify users by examining how their computers perform the task of drawing an image. … Продолжить

Browser Fingerprinting: The Surveillance You Can’t Stop

Searching for products and services through search engines is now a common occurrence. Chances are, if you have searched for a specific product or service, you’ve also notice that the ads that appear on the sites you visit will feature the same products you were looking for. But, how do websites know what your interest … Продолжить

Luminati – The Number One Residential IP Service in the World

There are many different reasons why you may need access to residential IP addresses. Besides being more secure than datacenter proxies, residential IP proxies offer more versatility and are almost impossible to detect, if used properly. But, how do residential IP proxies actually work? What are their drawbacks and disadvantages? And when are residential IP … Продолжить

The Only Two Approaches to Combat Browser Fingerprinting

We are all aware that websites have the ability to track and identify their visitors. The most common ways to do so are with cookie files or by finding the IP address that is being used. However, these common methods can be easily bypassed as users can block or delete cookies and mask their IP … Продолжить

How To Hide IP Address: Your Complete Guide

Why you want to hide your IP address There are multiple browser fingerprints that websites track on a daily basis. These include browser cookies, Javascript objects, canvas fingerprint, font list and many others. However, when it comes to tracking your computer, usually the first thing that websites log and look at is your IP address. … Продолжить