Browser Fingerprinting: The Surveillance You Can’t Stop

Searching for products and services through search engines is what everybody does now. Chances are you have done so too. Then you might also notice ads appearing on sites, featuring the same products you were looking for. But, how do websites know your interests? Or which ads to show you? The answer to these questions … Продолжить


Bright Data – The Number One Residential IP Service in the World

There are many reasons why you may need access to residential IP addresses. Besides being more secure than the datacenter proxies, residential IP proxies offer greater versatility. On top of that, when used properly, they are almost impossible to detect. But, how do residential IP proxies work? What are the drawbacks? Any disadvantages? When is … Продолжить


The Only Two Approaches to Combat Browser Fingerprinting

We are all aware that websites can track and identify visitors. The most common ways include cookie files or finding the IP address that is used. However, these common methods can be easily bypassed, as users can block or delete cookies and mask their IP address. This is why browser fingerprinting was developed. Browser fingerprinting … Продолжить

How To Hide IP Address: Your Complete Guide

For any business managing multiple accounts, protecting your identity is crucial, and that starts from your IP address. In this guide, we cover all you need to know about masking your IP and using a different one, from information consistency to datacenter solutions, proxies and more. Why you want to hide your IP address There … Продолжить


How to Share Account Access without Risk or Verification Checks

So how do online marketers manage dozens to hundreds of accounts? You have everything from social accounts to merchant accounts for yourself and your clients. Each account needs to be accessible by different people, such as VAs (virtual assistants) and team members, throughout any given project. You need an efficient way to grant access without … Продолжить


Datacenter vs. Residential IP Proxies: Your Complete Guide

Our software, Multilogin, masks all of the common browser fingerprints, such as screen size, operating system, and others that websites use to track and identify you. As using the same browser fingerprint across your different accounts can lead to account suspension. But ultimately, the biggest fingerprint of all is your IP address. Using the same … Продолжить


How Canvas Fingerprint Blockers Make You Easily Trackable

Thought your canvas fingerprint blocker made you incognito? Think again. As many know, canvas fingerprinting is the most recent development in web tracking. In the past, the easiest way to prevent web tracking was to block out the method of tracking entirely. For example, to prevent cookie tracking, you simply disable cookies in your browser. … Продолжить