Airsocks Mobile Proxies: A Comprehensive Review

Airsocks is a provider of dynamic and ultra-private mobile proxies. Currently, Airsocks offers proxy services in the following countries: USA, UK, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Russia. (According to the developers, more countries will be introduced eventually.)

This review will explain the mobile proxy offerings of Airsocks in an easy-to-understand way and help you decide if they are right for your purposes. If you are in the market for proxies, mobile proxies, or are considering trying Airsocks in particular, please continue on.

What’s a Mobile Proxy? (Airsocks Overview)

A mobile proxy is, quite simply, an IP address that has been assigned to a mobile provider, such as AT&T in the USA.

The type of proxy you use is important because websites are able to detect what type of IP address you are using. Websites will make security decisions based on which type of IP address they detect. There are three major types of proxies: datacenter, residential, and mobile.

Datacenter and residential proxies are usually used by just one person at a time. Mobile proxies are different. Mobile providers generally use only a few thousand IP addresses to serve all of their users. Thousands of mobile users may be connected to a single mobile IP address at the same time, which is possible through a technology called NAT. Because of this fact, and the easy accessibility of mobile proxies, some web platforms may give mobile proxies lower trustability ratings; however, by using a mobile proxy that belongs to a high-end mobile internet provider (such as the providers offered by Airsocks), these negatives may be counterbalanced to generally make mobile proxies just as safe as residential proxies. (Datacenter proxies should almost never be used for account management.)

Since so many users are connected to one mobile IP address at once, websites cannot afford to block mobile IP addresses, even if suspicious activity is detected on one of the addresses. If they make sweeping security decisions based on a mobile IP address, they will harm hundreds or thousands of legitimate users, which is bad for business.

Another benefit of mobile proxies is that by using them, you get access to a very large pool of IP addresses. For example, if you sign up to receive AT&T proxies from Airsocks, you have access to every single IP address that AT&T allows its users to connect to. That’s pretty cool.

So, mobile proxies are an attractive solution for anyone managing accounts on popular websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Amazon. By camouflaging yourself amongst the thousands of other users on the same mobile IP address, you blend in naturally, and reduce the chances of your account(s) being flagged.

Airsocks Offerings

Airsocks offers different mobile proxy packages at different price points, depending on the features and country. For current pricing and availability, please click here to navigate to the Airsocks website.

As far as proxy packages you can order, here are the options (some not available for all countries):

  • Shared. When you use a shared mobile proxy package, you are using the same mobile connection as multiple other users. We do not recommend shared proxies because they increase the potential of your account being flagged (you have no idea what the other users are up to on the same connection). However, if you are on a tight budget and are okay with taking on some risk, shared proxies may be acceptable for smaller websites other than Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, etc.
  • Private with waiting. This option gives you a private connection and allows you to access all of the IPs in a mobile provider’s arsenal. The “with waiting” refers to if you wish to change your IP. If you order your mobile proxy connection with waiting, you cannot control when your mobile IP address changes. (It will usually change periodically, every couple of minutes to every couple of hours).
  • Private without waiting. Same as the above package, except you can change your IP address at will via the control panel or API. This feature is useful because you may close one browser profile, use the API to fetch a new IP, then open a second profile with the same proxy package. The second profile will then have a different IP from the first profile, so this package allows you to safely manage many accounts with just one subscription.
  • Multiport. Multiport mobile proxies are generally used only for very niche scenarios such as web scraping, so we will stay away from them in this review.

Airsocks Control Panel

Airsocks has a simple and user-friendly control panel which allows you to manage your proxies and connections with ease.

  • Authentication options. You may choose to authenticate via IP or a username/password combination. You may set one authentication criteria for all of your connections, or you may use different authentication criteria for each connection.
  • Connection type. Specify whether you would like to connect via HTTP or Socks5 by entering the appropriate port when making your connection. All Airsocks proxies allow for both types of connections by default.
  • Robust API. Airsocks is loved by advanced users due to their robust API options, allowing you to integrate mobile proxy usage into your applications seamlessly. Click here to see everything you can do with the Airsocks API.

Testing Airsocks

Before recommending Airsocks to our users, we did a variety of tests to ensure that Airsocks offers what they claim.

The first thing we tested is if the proxies are really mobile proxies. They are! After purchasing a Russian mobile proxy package from Airsocks for MegaFon in Russia, we went to Whoer to test our connection. The proxy showed as being from MegaFon, and it was indeed a Russian IP address.

We also purchased a private connection without waiting to test if we could actually change (rotate) our mobile IP at will. Proxy rotation can be done via the dashboard or via the API. After using the dashboard and clicking “Rotate Proxy”, our IP address changed within a few seconds. All other settings stayed the same.

Changing the passive OS fingerprint

Airsocks offers a special feature: the ability to change your passive OS fingerprint.

Your passive OS fingerprint theoretically allows websites to detect which operating system you are actually using by looking at the packet size of the data you send to and receive from the website. Since there are instances where packet size will naturally not match the OS (such as with certain types of modems or if a mobile hotspot is being used), paying attention to the passive OS fingerprint is not always necessary. However, making sure your passive OS fingerprint matches the rest of your browser fingerprint settings is an additional way to increase account safety that some Multilogin users may wish to take advantage of.

You may change your passive OS fingerprint by adding your desired operating system at the end of a special URL, then loading that URL while connected to Airsocks.

To test the passive OS fingerprint modification capabilities of Airsocks, we first tried the regular mobile proxy connection address with no criteria, and were given an OS of Windows 7 when we checked with BrowserLeaks. After adding “&fp=android” to the end of our special URL and loading that URL, our passive OS fingerprint changed to Linux (Android is a deviation of Linux). So, our test was successful.


Mobile proxies are a secure and private proxy solution for users accessing popular web platforms. Due to the fact that there are limited mobile proxies available, they allow you to hide in plain sight in ways that are not possible with datacenter and residential IP addresses.

Airsocks is a well-known provider of mobile proxies with various connection options for a multitude of countries. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we can safely recommend Airsocks for your account management needs.

The only real downside of Airsocks is that since you receive just one connection per subscription, you will need multiple subscriptions if you wish to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. However, this downside has more to do with the nature of mobile proxies themselves, not Airsocks in particular. Being able to make only one connection per subscription is a tradeoff for the improved security you receive from using mobile proxies.

To sign up to Airsocks, click here.


Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below with your thoughts on Airsocks. If you need support using Airsocks with Multilogin, please email for the fastest reply.