IP Checker: Automatically Match Browser Location Settings to External IP Address Settings

IP Checker is a feature of Multilogin that automatically matches the location settings of your browser fingerprint profile to the settings of your external IP address.

Web platforms consider a mismatch between system and IP location information to be a potential red flag. IP Checker allows you to avoid this red flag, fly under the radar, and achieve greater account security.

 How It Works

When a browser profile is first launched, Multilogin will check the public IP of the system and create corresponding browser fingerprint information to match the IP settings. Specifically, IP Checker modifies the timezone and country values to match the IP address.

If a proxy is inputted into the browser profile, Multilogin will first confirm the validity of the proxy. If the proxy is valid, IP Checker will automatically adjust the browser fingerprint profile information to match the new proxy.

Each time a browser fingerprint profile is launched or a new proxy is inputted, IP Checker is automatically run, and system location settings are automatically changed. Proxy locations are shown within the Multilogin interface, and you may also click “Check Proxy” at any time to manually perform another location check.

As always, Multilogin users have the option to override IP Checker and create a completely customized browser fingerprint profile if they wish to do so.

IP Checker has recently been improved to be even better and more secure. Location checks for IP addresses are now performed in real time to ensure maximum accuracy. Traditional IP databases are not used.

How to Confirm IP Checker is Working

After you create a browser fingerprint profile and input a proxy, go to Whoer and take note of the IP and system location information. The country and timezone for both will match.

If you would like even further confirmation, go to Google Maps and allow Google to access your location. Your location will show as the location of your IP address, whereas simply connecting to a proxy would not usually change your location in Google Maps. (Try it!)


IP Checker is a simple but highly effective way of avoiding location mismatches between your browser fingerprint profile and your proxy. IP Checker is automatically run when a browser fingerprint profile is launched or when the validity of a proxy is checked. Users have the option to override IP Checker settings, though we recommend not doing so unless you know exactly what you are doing.

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