Multiple Account Management with Multiloginapp

You must have found yourself in a situation when you tried and failed to log in to another profile within the same social service. It is simply annoying to have to do browser-acrobatics when you are trying to manage several accounts at the same time. However, with the Multiloginapp application, you can manage multiple accounts quickly and easily.

We all know that it is difficult to be logged into two or more accounts simultaneously when you are using Opera, Firefox or Chrome. In Multiloginapp, it is done in a much easier way.

Compared to the browser plug-ins, which enable you to switch between your accounts and browser profiles, Multiloginapp presents a few new pros:

  • using a separate proxy for each of your accounts;
  • sharing the access to your account without giving away your password;
  • preventing an unauthorized access to the accounts.

Multiloginapp is an application, which makes it possible to switch between multiple accounts in just one click.

With an extra security level ensured by saving all cookies and browser history in the Multiloginapp cloud, nobody will get access to your account unless they know your password. Browser profiles, which are stored in the cloud, are encrypted with hash functions, just like bank transactions. This way, the password is the only key to decrypt this information. Even the admins can’t get access to your accounts.

Safe multiple account management in Multiloginapp

The image below shows a Multiloginapp software window with Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser profiles in the list.


When you click on the Chrome icon, there pops up a separate browser window. The application instantly displays the browser, IP, and machine currently used in the browser profile. In addition, it has an embedded feature that tests proxy connection. This guarantees that, in case of proxy malfunctioning, the application will not log into your account. So, in case of IP-leakage your profile will neither be restricted, nor receive any “consumer challenges”.


Let us now log into, as an example. On checking your profile, you can close the browser window with a corresponding Multiloginapp button.


It may be confusing at first to set up browser profiles in Multiloginapp, but once you get it, things are picking up speed, and the same account will open up automatically, without having to login again.  To get access to the necessary account, just choose “Browser profile 1” from the Multiloginapp list, and get there in a split of a second! Multiloginapp also re-opens all your tabs that were open during the latest browser profile. This app will be of great help to those who manage dozens of social media profiles making use of different footprints and proxies.

Quick multiple account sign-in

On setting up the browser profiles, you are only one click away from operating your multiple accounts – choose the one you need and open each in a different window. All your accounts will remember your unique IP, as well as the cookies you are using in the current browser profile.


Access sharing

The Multiloginapp software stores all your browser profiles and cookies on the cloud, so that you can share the access to your profiles and keep your passwords private. Your virtual assistants can get access using the pre-stored fingerprints and cookies.

Besides, a built-in ‘proxy tunneling’ ability allows users who have IP-authenticed proxies share access with their virtual assistants, who login using a specific proxy, without giving direct access.

In sum

As soon as you are on good terms with setting up browser profiles, Multiloginapp allows you to manage multiple accounts easily.

What are the benefits of Multiloginapp?

  1. giving access to your virtual assistants keeping the password secret;
  2. signing into multiple profiles on social networks in just one click, plus preserving consistent and unique identities;
  3. attaching proxy to any account without a need to turn it off.
  4. multiple and unique internet identities

As you see, Multiloginapp really saves your time sparing you the need of performing complex browser manipulations when you want to switch between your multiple accounts.

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