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Multilogin | Top 5 Takeaways from Affiliate World

Top 5 takeaways from Affiliate World Europe

It’s been a busy week for us at Multilogin – not only have we totally relaunched our brand, we’ve also been meeting hundreds of you face-to-face, attending talks and speaking to future users in sunny Barcelona for Affiliate World. If you couldn’t make it, here are our top takeaways from Europe’s biggest affiliate conference.

1. Seize the opportunity of low brand loyalty

Sometimes seemingly bad news can hide huge opportunities, and that’s the case here: brand loyalty is at an all-time low, according to Google. Perhaps pushed by the growth in impulse buying during the pandemic, the average consumer is much more likely to ditch familiar brands.

The flip side of that, of course, means that the average consumer is also actively seeking different brands, different products, better offers and better deals – and that should be music to the ears of any affiliate business looking to scale. You’ve got a marketable audience who are open to new sellers, and if you can target them at the sweet point of product and price, they’ll likely follow.

2. Build permission-based brand environments

We’ve heard it for years and our first point in some ways confirms it: none of us are huge fans of being marketed to. Even when we promise marketing will be more personalized, it doesn’t cut the mustard: the introduction of iOS14 saw 94% of its users opt out of tracking.

We heard the same recipe again and again for businesses scaling, or even those moving from supplying to original commerce. Get your clients into permission-based brand environments by offering them genuine value in return for that permission.

3. Differentiate to scale faster and further

If you’re on Multilogin’s website, it’s because you want to scale your business – and that means you need to give yourself a clear differentiator from the competition, because that competition is growing fast. For example, every single day, we learnt, 2,000 new sellers join Amazon, and marketplace now makes up a whopping 65% of the company’s gross market value.

This is again a hugely profitable opportunity in two ways: firstly, for smaller sellers who invest in the branding and marketing activities to show themselves in a unique light in a crowded marketplace, and secondly for affiliates to drive enormous value to larger brands through targeting traffic in particular niches. Don’t forget, Amazon gives three times the ranking power to sales from external sources and we are told this won’t change for 12-18 months – so seize the day!

4. Learn the best way to run multiple accounts

If there was one surprise speaking to people with small- to medium-sized businesses, it was the number who were unaware of a software like Multilogin. For anyone who’s plugged into social media or forums, you know we’ve been the market leader for six years, but there are a number of businesses out there who haven’t yet come across it. It was clear to see how exciting for these people it was to learn the scope of how far Multilogin could help their businesses to grow. Against the backdrop of lower brand loyalty, ever-growing competition and more, the ability to run multiple accounts is almost priceless.

5. Multilogin customers are coming out on top

On the flipside, we also had some fantastic accounts of the roaring successes that our customers have become with the help of Multilogin to grow their business. With well over six-figure revenue, these are companies who have seized the chances offered by tech to grow faster and further – and we’ll be sharing more about them in the coming weeks with the interviews we’ve filmed with them. Stay tuned for insights (and head to our Instagram stories for some sneak previews)!