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Multilogin | Build an OnlyFans Scraper

Build an OnlyFans Scraper

Automatically scrape OnlyFans creator data without getting blocked, ensuring you gain the insights needed to stay ahead in the game.
Build an OnlyFans Scraper

Collect Comprehensive Data

Automatically extract extensive details from OnlyFans profiles, such as usernames, photos, posts, stories, and social media links, along with statistics like subscription prices, post counts, likes, and follower counts to ensure you have all the essential data to benchmark against top creators.

Collect Comprehensive Data by Scraping OnlyFans

Scrape OnlyFans Data at High-Speed

Optimize your data extraction process with a scraper that delivers real-time data quickly. Stay agile and reactive to emerging trends, and grow your audience by featuring the most popular content.

Scrape OnlyFans Data at High-Speed

Bypass Geoblocking Restrictions

Collect creator details from around the world to analyze trends that are typically unavailable in your region, providing a global perspective on OnlyFan's growth strategies.

Bypass Geoblocking Restrictions

Start Scraping in No Time

Start scraping OnlyFans data up to 10 times faster than if you were to build a scraper from scratch. Save time and start gathering insights in less than 24 hours.

Start Scraping OnlyFans in No Time

Scrape Data From Mobile Websites

Scrape data from mobile websites via desktop browsing while remaining unnoticed. Automate browser actions, optimize with local storage and cloud backup, use personalized mobile browser fingerprints, and reduce API calls for enhanced efficiency.

Best mobile antidetect management for  data scraping

What is Antidetect Browser?

Antidetect browsers disguise your browsing sessions to appear as if they are coming from different real users. By imitating genuine user behavior, they enable you to keep a low profile while engaging in high-volume scraping tasks.

Why Use an Antidetect Browser for Scraping OnlyFans?

Multilogin equips you with everything you need to build a high-performing OnlyFans scraper: antidetect browsers that protect your accounts from bans, high-quality residential proxies that dodge anti-bot systems, and browser automation support for popular drivers like Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium to automate your scraping tasks.

Why Use an Antidetect Browser for Scraping OnlyFans

Multilogin Features

Bypass Protection
Bypass Bot Protection
Our fingerprint masking technology is capable of modifying numerous browser fingerprints to avoid detection.
Integration with Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer
Automate data extraction with popular browser automation drivers all while keeping them invisible to anti-automation bots.
Residential Rotating IPs
Residential Rotating Proxies
Gain access to premium residential proxy nodes in 1400+ cities across 150+ countries with your Multilogin subscription.
Fingerprint Adjustment  to Match Proxy
Fingerprint Adjustment to Proxies
All browser fingerprints are automatically adjusted to match the proxy’s location, enhancing anonymity.
Supports for All Proxy Types
Supports for All Proxy Types
Whether you use our proxies or bring your own, all proxy types are seamlessly supported.
Data Sync Over VPS
Use our cloud profiles to synchronize browser data across multiple VPS instances effortlessly.
Fully Featured Browsers
 Unlike headless browsers that are easily detected, our browsers mimic real user activity, preventing restrictions by websites.
Easy Dockerization
Dockerize your OnlyFans scraping instances with ease using our quick dockerization guide.

Build an OnlyFans Scraper FAQ

What is an OnlyFans scraper?

An OnlyFans scraper is a tool designed to extract information such as posts, images, and other data from OnlyFans profiles. Essentially, OnlyFans scraping involves the extraction of publicly available data from the platform. This technique helps businesses and individuals automate the data-gathering process, saving time and resources.

How to scrape OnlyFans?

Automated tools can be used to scrape data from OnlyFans. For instance MultiLoginallows you to easily and securely manage multiple accounts while scraping, enhancing both efficiency and security. This automation saves time and effort, making it easier to collect publicly available data from OnlyFans.

How to use OnlyFans data scraper?

There are several steps involved in extracting data from OnlyFans:

  1. The first step is to develop a script for your project. It is important to customize this script to fit with the scraping tool you are going to use.

  2. Once the script is done, your scraper will be able to scan OnlyFans and collect the necessary information.

  3. After collecting all the required public data, the scraper will process it and then export it in a format of your choice: JSON, CSV, or XLSX.

How does MultiLogin help in OnlyFans data scraping?

MultiLogin helps in OnlyFans data scraping by letting you create multiple browser profiles, each with unique fingerprints. This makes your automated activities look more like they’re being done by real people, helping you avoid detection. It also integrates smoothly with popular automation tools and has an easy-to-use Public API for customized interactions, making data extraction more efficient and secure.

Can I scrape OnlyFans with Chrome?

Yes, there are scrapers designed specifically for Chrome. With MultiLogin, you can run multiple Chrome profiles simultaneously, making it easier and safer to scrape data from OnlyFans profiles.

How do I promote my OnlyFans anonymously?

To promote your OnlyFans anonymously, you can use pseudonyms and create separate social media profiles that aren't linked to your personal information. MultiLogin can help you manage these multiple profiles easily, making it simpler to keep your identity private and secure while promoting your content.

How can I promote my OnlyFans on Reddit and Twitter?

Promoting OnlyFans on Reddit and Twitter requires actively participating in communities and using relevant hashtags and content to attract followers. With MultiLogin, you would be able to efficiently manage different accounts, which can improve your promotional efforts and help you reach the larger audience effectively.

What is the best way to promote OnlyFans?

When it comes to promoting OnlyFans, the key is to understand your audience and niche. By creating compelling content and engaging potential subscribers, you can effectively boost your presence. Multilogin can help promote OnlyFans by helping you manage multiple promotional accounts.

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