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Bypass Ticketmaster Queue | Multilogin Solution for Brokers

Bypass the Ticketmaster Queue

Create multiple profiles with separate and realistic digital identities, to lead them into the waiting queue and get you to the event map without ban restrictions.

Get More Tickets

Operate numerous ticket buyer profiles from a single platform to participate in the virtual queue with more entries, increasing your odds of reaching the event map.

Be the First to Buy Tickets

Streamline the checkout process to get to the queue by automatically filling in forms and handling 2FA verification.

Secure the Best Seats

Get ahead of your competitors in the waiting queue with human-mimicking browser profiles and grab the most wanted tickets.

What is Antidetect Browser?

Antidetect browsers help you manage multiple accounts by masking the 'digital fingerprint,' such as browsing history, cookies, and hardware specifications of your computer. This means each browser profile you create has its own 'digital passport' and appears as real users in the eyes of website hosts, even when managing thousands of accounts on the same computer.

Why Do You Need an Antidetect Browser for Ticket Scalping?

Frequent account creation and too straightforward browsing activity can lead to suspensions or bans.
Multilogin helps you create browser profiles with unique online identities, making it harder for ticketing platforms to identify and ban your multiple accounts, since they all look like real fans.

Multilogin features for ticket brokers

Bypass Bot Protection
Our antidetect tech lets you customize 20+ fingerprint parameters to make your profile look as much like a real fan as possible.
Team Collaboration
You can collaborate on browser profiles and easily share passwords, cookies, and session progress with designated team members.
Data Sync over Cloud
Use cloud browser profiles to sync data across multiple devices or VPS instances.
Fingerprint Adjustment to Match Proxy
All browser fingerprints are automatically adjusted to the proxy's location.
Support for All Proxy Types
Use our proxies or bring your own. All proxy types are supported.
Residential Rotating IPs
Our residential proxies are tested daily and work flawlessly with Ticketmaster, SeatGeak, AXS, and more.
Chrome or Firefox Interface
Our Mimic and Stealthfox browsers fully emulate Chrome or Firefox, providing you with a different digital identity in each browser window.
High Load Supported
Scale your ticket scalping operation to any size, our platform handles it.
Manual Mode
Manually control the settings of your browser profiles in secure virtual environments.
Browser Action Automation
Automate repetitive tasks and form-filling with Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer automation drivers without getting flagged by anti-bot algorithms.

Understanding Virtual Waiting Queue

Virtual waiting rooms are deployed by websites like Ticketmaster and AXS to handle sudden surges in traffic that occur during major events like concert sales or exclusive product drops. These waiting rooms help distribute access to the website in a controlled manner, preventing crashes and ensuring the site remains operational despite high user activity. Companies across various industries use virtual queues not only to manage website traffic during peak times but also to enhance the customer experience by ensuring fairness in high-demand sales situations.

Ticketmaster Queue

What is the Ticketmaster Queue?

The Ticketmaster queue is a virtual waiting room designed to manage high traffic during major event sales. This system ensures fairness and operational stability by controlling access to the website. By directing users to a queue, Ticketmaster prevents crashes and maintains a smooth purchasing experience for everyone, especially fans.

How Does the Ticketmaster Queue Work?

Virtual waiting rooms can be configured in several ways depending on the event type, whether it's a scheduled sale, a safety net for unexpectedly high traffic, or an exclusive sale for certain customers. The underlying technology often includes sorting algorithms that determine the order in which users are allowed back onto the main site. These algorithms consider various factors such as the time of arrival in the queue and any priority status assigned based on previous purchases or fan club membership.

Ticketmaster and AXS also employ Traffic Access Rules to enhance the functionality of these queues. When an event goes on sale, users are redirected to the virtual queue. Each visitor is assigned a random place based on various factors including user behaviors, network patterns, etc. While filtering, the system will either pass you to the queue with a random number in the queue and an estimated wait time or you'll be blocked as a bot. Usually, accounts are blocked because of suspicious activities, multiple accounts from the same IP, robotic automation, or VPN usage.

Tips to Bypass the Virtual Queue on Ticketmaster and AXS

General Tips

  • Join Early: The sooner you join the queue, the better your chances of securing tickets.

  • Stable Internet Connection: Ensure a reliable internet connection to avoid disruptions.

  • Avoid Multiple Tabs: Using multiple tabs or devices can sometimes interfere with your place in the queue.

Advanced Solutions

For ticket scalpers, navigating these virtual queues efficiently can be the key to securing the best tickets for resale at a higher value. Multilogin offers an advanced solution specifically tailored to the needs of scalpers. It features an antidetect browser that works seamlessly with proxy services to simulate genuine user behavior, reducing the likelihood of detection by sophisticated queue algorithms.

Key Features of Multilogin

  • Automatization Script: Automates tasks such as entering CAPTCHA, email and phone verification codes, scrolling page patterns, which can significantly increase the chances of securing tickets.

  • Antidetect Technology: Ensures each browser profile appears as a unique user, thwarting common bot detection techniques used by Ticketmaster and AXS.

  • Proxy Integration: Utilizes high-quality proxies to mask the IP address, allowing users to manage multiple accounts without triggering security protocols.

By integrating these technologies, Multilogin not only helps scalpers enhance their ticket purchasing capabilities but also ensures they can operate across different queues and platforms without being hindered by IP blocks or account restrictions.


The use of virtual waiting rooms by Ticketmaster and AXS is a sophisticated approach to get access to high-demand tickets and minimize the risks of getting banned. While these systems are designed to thwart scalping, solutions like Multilogin provide professional scalpers with the tools necessary to navigate these digital barriers effectively.


Why is the Ticketmaster Queue Not Moving?

High demand or technical issues can cause the queue to stop moving. Patience is often the best approach, and refreshing the page is not recommended as it may cause you to lose your place.

Should I Refresh the Ticketmaster Queue?

No, refreshing the Ticketmaster queue can cause you to lose your place in line. It's best to wait patiently.

How Long Does the Ticketmaster Queue Take?

The duration of the Ticketmaster queue varies based on the event's popularity. Wait times can range from a few minutes to several hours.

How to Join the Queue on Ticketmaster?

To join the Ticketmaster queue, visit the event page before the tickets go on sale. You will be placed in the queue automatically when the sale begins.

Is the Ticketmaster Queue Random?

Yes, the Ticketmaster queue uses a randomization code to assign places in line, ensuring fairness for all users.

Can You Join Ticketmaster Queue on Multiple Devices?

Yes, you can with the help of an antidetect browser and proxy. Alternatively, you can hire people from different locations with different devices ready to manually do repetitive tasks before buying.

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