Top 5 reasons your e-commerce seller account has been suspended

It’s the nightmare of every Amazon or eBay merchant: the email that says “Your account has been suspended”. With that, the basis on which your business has been built has gone. Appeals rarely result in reinstatement, even with a clearly declared PoA (plan of action). This week, we’re exploring some of the top reasons for … Continue

Что такое браузерные отпечатки и как они работают?

Для начала давайте разберёмся в самих браузерных отпечатках. Различные сайты и платформы, которые вы посещаете, занимаются сбором этих отпечатков, чтобы в дальнейшем идентифицировать вас среди тысяч посетителей.  Конечно, у этого процесса есть и серьезные последствия для всех компаний, которые занимаются бизнесом в сети и создают множество аккаунтов. Ведь собрав данные отпечатки, сайты могут с легкостью … Continue

My accounts are banned: what next?

Most companies running multiple accounts sooner or later come face to face with the reality of sudden account bans from platforms like Facebook, Google or Amazon. In this week’s blog, we explore what your next steps are after your account has been suspended. When your account gets banned There is normally no advance warning when … Continue


Why blocking fingerprinting does not stop account bans

So, you’ve been running multiple accounts or storefronts and you’ve received the email that puts a stop to all your business activity: “your account has been suspended”. As we’ve previously covered, there is very little you can do to appeal and little chance of reinstatement with platforms like Facebook Business. The automatic next step for … Continue

What is browser fingerprinting and how does it work?

Browser fingerprinting is the process of third-party websites and platforms gathering enough information about you as a user that they can uniquely identify and trace you. This has serious implications for any business running multiple accounts online, and is a top reason for account bans. Read on to find out more about how browser fingerprinting … Continue

Why mimicking a device is becoming almost impossible

If you’ve seen Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglourious Basterds, you probably remember the bar scene where a British spy undercover as a Nazi officer drops his mask through an unconscious gesture. Although he wears a Nazi uniform and speaks German well, he gives himself by a minor detail: his fingers. When ordering three more pints, instead … Continue

Why are my accounts getting banned on platforms like Facebook Business?

“My accounts have been banned – what next?” Anyone running multiple accounts, whether affiliate marketers, ecommerce specialists or more, will come across this question in their career. And when you’ve spent time carefully building up your business, only to have it disappear, the consequences can be devastating. That’s why, in this week’s article, we’re pulling … Continue