Can third parties obtain my MAC address?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about fingerprinting is whether you can hide your MAC address or not, and what this means for privacy-conscious businesses. Sometimes this is more direct: “can a website or third party obtain my MAC address?” We investigate. What is a MAC address? First up, let’s look at … Continue

2021 in review: how we added value for our users

It’s been a busy 12 months for Multilogin, with a raft of new features released to help our users, cutting-edge research into the world of browser fingerprinting and expanded global support – plus some exciting plans afoot for 2022 too. Here are some of our biggest developments in the past year: Multilogin product Migration to … Continue

Cross-examination: unveiling JavaScript injection fingerprint masking attempts

Anyone looking at solutions to mask their fingerprint online has likely come across ones employing JavaScript injections: it’s a relatively easy and cheap method to use. However, does that mean it is also less secure? According to our research, the answer is simply yes. Join us as we explain its weaknesses and show our detection … Continue

Farmed accounts: what are they and do they work?

This week, we’re casting our eye over the subject of farmed accounts. If you’re looking at scaling up a business that relies on multiple profiles or storefronts, such as in ecommerce or affiliate marketing, you will likely have come across this as a recommended method. But how does it work and is it trustworthy? What … Continue

My accounts are banned: what next?

Most companies running multiple accounts sooner or later come face to face with the reality of sudden account bans from platforms like Facebook, Google or Amazon. In this week’s blog, we explore what your next steps are after your account has been suspended. When your account gets banned There is normally no advance warning when … Continue

Top 5 reasons your e-commerce seller account has been suspended

It’s the nightmare of every Amazon or eBay merchant: the email that says “Your account has been suspended”. With that, the basis on which your business has been built has gone. Appeals rarely result in reinstatement, even with a clearly declared PoA (plan of action). This week, we’re exploring some of the top reasons for … Continue


Why blocking fingerprinting does not stop account bans

So, you’ve been running multiple accounts or storefronts and you’ve received the email that puts a stop to all your business activity: “your account has been suspended”. As we’ve previously covered, there is very little you can do to appeal and little chance of reinstatement with platforms like Facebook Business. The automatic next step for … Continue