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Multilogin | 6 Top Affiliate Marketplaces in 2023

6 top affiliate marketing platforms/marketplaces in 2023

Finding lucrative affiliate products isn’t easy.

There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs and networks you can join. But a lot of them are not worth your time. You’ll struggle to make any money - no matter how much traffic you generate.

So which is the best affiliate marketplace to find profitable products?

Well, it depends on your niche, the size of your audience, and how experienced you are. In this guide, we’ll reveal the top affiliate networks. You’ll find programs for every niche and experience level on this list. 

Let’s dive in.

What is an affiliate network?

An affiliate marketing network acts as a middleman to help marketers and brands connect. Affiliate platforms provide marketers access to a range of affiliate programs and products to promote. Brands can access a large community of marketers to scale their affiliate marketing strategy.

The best affiliate marketing platforms make it easy to find relevant programs and make sure you get paid on time. Some even provide a dedicated affiliate manager to support you.

1. ClickBank

ClickBank screenshotClickBank has been around for a long time, generating over $5 billion in commissions since 1999. 

It’s one of the best affiliate marketing platforms for beginners. 

You can complete the sign-up process and verify your account in minutes. And you don’t even need a website to join the affiliate platform, generate an affiliate link, and start promoting a program. 

ClickBank affiliate mainly focuses on digital products and subscriptions. These are often the highest-paying affiliate programs, with some offering commissions of up to 75% of the sale value.

Product types: 

Huge variety of health, entertainment, supplements, parenting, business, and self-help brands, including Yogaburn, Trimdownclub and Numerologist.

Payment terms:

Weekly or bi-weekly payments. The default payment threshold is $100 but can be lowered to $10. 

2. ShareASale

Shareasale screenshotShareASale is a multi-award-winning affiliate network that has been a major player for over 20 years. 

It’s free to join, but the application process takes a little longer than ClickBank. You’ll also need to provide a link to your website or social media handle. Once approved, you can apply to join any affiliate marketing program on the platform. 

The interface is a little dated, but it does have everything you need to manage and track your links. A ‘PowerRank’ metric also helps you find the best-performing affiliate programs. 

Over 21,000 merchants use the network, so you’ll always be able to find relevant products and programs in your niche. 

Product types: 

A mix of big and small brands in clothing, accessories, computing, business, dating, and accessories, including Reebok, Freshbooks, and Minted.

Payment terms:

Net 30 terms with a minimum payment threshold of $50.

3. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate screenshot

CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest and most established affiliate marketing networks. 

The application process is straightforward. You just need to fill in your contact details and add your website or social media handle. 

CJ Affiliate is geared towards more experienced affiliate marketers with a steady stream of web traffic. If you struggle to get results six months after signing up, CJ Affiliate may deactivate your account. 

The interface is slick and intuitive. A “Network Earnings” metric takes away the guesswork of finding lucrative offers by showing which programs generate the most affiliate sales.

CJ Affiliate also provides a bunch of useful tools and resources to help you promote your affiliate links.

Product types: 

Lots of big brands in retail, finance, software, travel, electronics, and more, including Barnes & Noble, Priceline, and Office Depot.

CJ Affiliate brands

Payment terms:

Net 30 terms with a minimum payment threshold of $50.

4. Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising screenshotRakuten Advertising has been in the affiliate marketing game since it purchased LinkShare in 2005. 

It only works with around 1,000 merchants. But Rakuten has exclusive partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world.

This affiliate network is for intermediate and experienced affiliate marketers. The application requirements are stricter than most networks, and the approval process can take a long time. You likely won’t be accepted if your website doesn’t get much traffic.

If you get approved, you’ll be able to promote quality products with excellent brand recognition. 

Product types: 

Major brands in retail, travel, electronics, fashion, finance, and gifts, including River Island, Hunter, and Cult Beauty.

Rakuten brandsPayment terms:

Net 60 terms with a minimum payment threshold of $50.

5. GiddyUp

GiddyUp screenshotGiddyUp is one of the younger affiliate marketing networks on the list. It’s also smaller than its rivals, with only 150 merchants on the platform. 

But it deserves a place on our list of top affiliate marketing platforms. 


Since its launch in 2013, GiddyUp has paid over $200 million in commissions to its affiliate partners. It also provides some of the best affiliate network marketing tools to help you maximize your earnings. 

You can see real-time tracking data and get done-for-you conversion funnels. There’s also a creative library full of digital assets to help you promote products. 

You’ll also have a dedicated partner manager to answer questions about affiliate marketing and offer guidance.

Product types: 

Over 150 brands in health, electronics, cosmetics, gadgets, and more, including CarbonKlean, Hiya and Beard Club.

Payment terms:

Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of every month with a $25 minimum payment threshold.


AWIN screenshotAWIN is an award-winning affiliate network with a vast range of brand partners. In 2020, AWIN generated over 182 million sales and paid over $1 billion in commission to its affiliates. 

The sign-up process is straightforward, but you do have to pay a $5 deposit to join. This deposit is paid back to you once you reach your first payment threshold. 

AWIN is intuitive to use, with a clean layout and dashboards. It makes it easy to find programs, understand your performance, and generate affiliate links. 

Product types: 

Over 21,000 top brands in fashion, technology, software, finance, travel, and more, including Under Armour, HP and Pretty Little Thing.

AWIN brandsPayment terms:

Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of every month with a $20 minimum payment threshold.

Grow your business with the best affiliate marketing networks

You can promote millions of products using the multiple affiliate networks listed above. And you’d have to limit yourself to a single affiliate program. 

Take some time to explore what these affiliate marketing marketplaces have to offer. See how the commissions and dashboards compare and start promoting lucrative affiliate products to your audience.

One of the most effective ways to generate affiliate sales is multichannel ads. But you need a solution to minimize the risk of account bans.

Visit our dedicated affiliate marketing use case page to learn how Multilogin can help you scale your affiliate business.