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9Proxy Reviews: Features, Pricing & Discounts

9Proxy Reviews: Features, Pricing & Discounts

9Proxy was created by ConnectWise during the COVID-19 pandemic to address the increasing demand for secure and private online access. They provide dependable, high-quality residential proxies tailored for businesses and individuals across different industries, ranging from e-commerce to crypto. As a relatively new company in the market, we conducted a user survey to gather feedback on our users' experiences with 9Proxy's proxy servers. 

What Is a Proxy and Why Do You Need It for Managing Multiple Accounts? 

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet, functioning like a trusted third party for your online interactions. It channels your internet requests through the server, which then retrieves information from websites on your behalf. This is useful for targeting specific countries or regions, or for hiding your real IP address. Whether you're seeking increased security or need automation for managing multiple accounts, a proxy server is a valuable tool in your digital toolkit. 

Using a proxy like 9Proxy with an antidetect browser is essential for maintaining online privacy and security. A proxy conceals your actual IP address, making it hard for websites to track your activities. This is crucial when using an antidetect browser, which helps you manage multiple online identities discreetly. With 9Proxy, each identity has a unique IP address, preventing websites from linking them together and keeping your activities private. 

Moreover, many websites use advanced tracking systems to detect multiple accounts from the same IP address. 9Proxy, in combination with Multilogin, helps you avoid detection by providing different IP addresses for each account, ensuring your actions remain secure and undetected. 

9Proxy Features  

We would like to caution you that the following features have been emphasized by the survey participants and are based on the claims made by the proxy provider. 

  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Unlike many competitors that offer proxies with limited data packages (1 GB, 2 GB, etc.), 9Proxy sells proxies by individual IPs, allowing unlimited data usage. This feature is particularly beneficial for data-intensive tasks, providing flexibility and ease of cost management. 

  • Clean Pool: Understanding that the lifespan of residential proxies can vary, 9Proxy offers a unique refund policy. If a proxy fails within 60 seconds of activation, users can check the Today List and receive a new proxy credit. This policy sets 9Proxy apart from competitors. 

  • Proxy Refund Policy: Understanding that the lifespan of residential proxies can vary, 9Proxy offers a unique refund policy. If a proxy fails within 60 seconds of activation, users can check the Today List and receive a new proxy credit. This policy sets 9Proxy apart from competitors. 

  • Today List Feature: This cost-saving feature allows users to reuse proxies that have been used within the past 24 hours. By checking the Today List, users can find and reuse proxies that are online again without incurring additional costs. 

  • Protocol Support: 9Proxy supports multiple protocols, enhancing security and improving connection performance. Whether you need SOCKS5, HTTP, or HTTPS, 9Proxy has you covered, ensuring faster and more reliable connections. 

  • Trial Packages: 9Proxy offers trial packages during special occasions. Users can easily access these trials by sending a message directly on the homepage, allowing potential customers to experience the quality of 9Proxy's services before committing. 

9Proxy Best For 

Our recent survey revealed that a portion of antidetect browser users leverage 9Proxy specifically for managing multiple social media accounts. 

9Proxy's features, like bypassing geo-blocks and IP bans, are perfect for social media managers who handle accounts across different regions or those that might be flagged for suspicious activity due to frequent logins. Additionally, 9Proxy's ability to handle CAPTCHAs ensures a smooth workflow without manual intervention. 

Pricing Plan 

9Proxy's pricing is competitive and transparent. Starting at $0.04 per IP (~1,000 VND/IP), they offer one of the most affordable proxy solutions in the market. Additionally, they provide attractive promotional packages, encouraging customers to contact 9Proxy directly for the most up-to-date information. For detailed pricing information, you can visit their website. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Affordable Pricing: 9Proxy offers some of the lowest prices in the market, starting at just $0.04 per IP (around 1,000 VND/IP). This makes it budget-friendly for everyone. 

  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Ideal for heavy data users, as there are no restrictions on data usage. 

  • Clean Proxy Pool: With over 9 million proxies, 9Proxy ensures you get clean, unique IP addresses. This reduces the chances of being blocked or blacklisted online. 

  • Flexible Refund Policy: If a proxy doesn’t work within 60 seconds, you can get a new one right away. This policy gives you peace of mind and confidence. 

  • Protocol Support: Comprehensive support for SOCKS5, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols. 

  • Responsive Customer Support: 9Proxy provides super responsive and helpful customer support, ensuring that any issues or questions are quickly addressed. 


  • Smaller Proxy Pool: With 9 million proxies, the pool is smaller compared to some competitors. If you need a huge number of proxies, this might be a concern. 

  • No Private Proxies: 9Proxy doesn’t offer private proxies, which means you can’t get exclusive IP addresses just for yourself. 

  • No UDP Support: There’s no support for UDP (User Datagram Protocol), which might be an issue if you need this for specific activities like certain types of streaming or gaming. 

  • No Rotating Proxies: 9Proxy doesn’t provide rotating proxies, so if you need frequent IP changes for tasks like web scraping, this might be a limitation.

Final Verdict

9Proxy focuses on quality, unlimited bandwidth, and user-friendly policies, which makes it a solid competitor to explore, though we can’t guarantee the results or make any claims. Using the promo code 9P_MULTILOGIN you can try 9Proxy with a 5% discount. Visit their website for more information. 

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