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Multilogin | Multi-Account Management

Multi-Account Management

Set up and manage multiple social media and e-commerce accounts securely on one computer with Multilogin. Keep each account separate, mimic real user behavior, so you can focus on growth, not getting flagged.
Multilogin Multi-Account Management

Manage Multiple Browser Profiles Undetected

Create hundreds of unique profiles from a single device. Each profile functions with it’s unique browser fingerprint, reducing the likelihood of account suspension.

Manage Multiple Accounts Undetected

Automate Account and Profile Interactions Safely

Multilogin allows you to automate tasks and form filling via Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer without being detected by anti-bot algorithms.

Automate Account and Profile Interactions Safely

Set up Multiple Accounts with Ease & Speed

Enjoy simple, secure, and fast process for creating multiple accounts with just one click. Feel free to clone, export and transfer your profiles without any limits.

Fast and Secure Multi-Account Setup

Create Team Accounts Without Risks

Create team members with specific permissions, shared cloud profiles, and personalized role assignments for efficient and secure account management.

Create Team Accounts Without Risks

What is Antidetect Browser?

Antidetect browsers enable you to create multiple browsing sessions, each configured with unique digital fingerprints. By emulating genuine user behavior with advanced fingerprint randomization, they help you run high-volume scraping tasks while reducing the risk of detection.

Why Choose Multilogin?

Multilogin provides everything you need to manage multiple accounts and automate data scraping effectively. With antidetect browsers that behave like real users, high-quality residential proxies to bypass anti-scraping bots, and support for popular automation tools like Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium.

Multilogin Features

Bypass Protection
Bypass Protection
Our anti-fingerprinting tech bypasses multi-account and automated browser detection by masking unique browser fingerprints.
Browser Action Automation
Team Collaboration
You can collaborate on browser profiles and easily share passwords, cookies, and session progress with team members.
Android Chrome Browser
Data Sync over Cloud
Use cloud browser profiles to sync data across multiple devices or VPS instances.
Fingerprint Adjustment  to Match Proxy
Fingerprint Adjustment to Match Proxy
Automatically adjust browser fingerprints to match proxy locations, supporting all types for enhanced security.
Supports for All Proxy Types
Support for All Proxy Types
Use our proxies or bring your own. All proxy types are supported.
Residential Rotating IPs
Residential Rotating IPs
Our residential proxies are tested daily ensuring flawless performance with major platforms.
Chrome or Firefox Interface
Our Mimic and Stealthfox browsers fully emulate Chrome or Firefox, providing you with a different digital identity in each browser window.
High Load Supported
Our platform supports high loads, making it ideal for operations of any size.
Manual Mode
Manual Mode
Manually control the settings of your browser profiles in secure virtual environments.
Browser Action Automation
Automate repetitive tasks with Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer automation drivers, bypassing anti-bot algorithms.

Multilogin: Manage Multiple Accounts Across 25+ Platforms

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Multi-Account Management FAQ

What is the best way to manage multiple social media accounts?

Managing numerous social media accounts can be a hassle, but using an antidetect browser like Multilogin makes it much easier. Our software will let you switch between accounts seamlessly without the risk of being detected.

Is it possible to manage multiple digital identities?

Indeed, Multilogin enables you to manage numerous digital identities. It generates unique browser profiles, each with customizable fingerprints to ensure privacy and avoid being tracked and detected.

How Does Multilogin's anti-fingerprint browser work?

Multilogin's anti-fingerprint browser hides your digital fingerprint, making it difficult for websites to track your online activities.

How can I manage multiple Twitter accounts without being banned?

Managing multiple Twitter accounts without being banned is simple with Multilogin. By using separate browser profiles for each account, you make sure they operate independently, preventing detection.

How can I use Multilogin to organize my AWS multi-account strategy?

Multilogin can simplify the management of multiple AWS accounts by creating individual browser accounts. This method keeps your accounts secure and organized. You can assign specific permissions to control access, simplifying your workflow and making it easier to manage various AWS environments.

How can Multilogin help manage multiple social media accounts for market research?

Multilogin is a great tool for market research. It lets you handle multiple accounts without being detected. By setting up separate browsers for each account, Multilogin keeps them all individual and hidden. You can gather information from different places without raising any suspicion.

How does Multilogin facilitate competitor analysis in market research?

Multilogin helps you watch competitors easily by creating multiple digital accounts to track them. Your actions stay hidden. Gather lots of info on competitors without them knowing. It's thorough and secure, keeping you ahead in market research.

How to Start Using Multilogin 

Start collecting data effortlessly with the industry leading antidetect browser.


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Start creating and managing antidetect browser profiles.


Run Your Data Scraping Script

Integrate your Puppeteer, Selenium, and Playwright data scraping scripts and begin collection.
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