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Ticket Scalping with Multilogin | Be First In Line

Automate Ticket Scalping

Get the best seats by getting as many accounts as you wish in the waiting queue. Fully automated and without restrictions.

Get More Tickets

Operate numerous ticket buyer profiles from a single platform to participate in the virtual queue with more entries, increasing your odds of reaching the event map.

Be the First to Buy Tickets

Streamline the checkout process to get to the queue by automatically filling in forms and handling 2FA verification.

Secure the Best Seats

Get ahead of your competitors in the waiting queue with human-mimicking browser profiles and grab the most wanted tickets.

What is Antidetect Browser?

Antidetect browsers help you manage multiple accounts by masking the 'digital fingerprint,' such as browsing history, cookies, and hardware specifications of your computer. This means each browser profile you create has its own 'digital passport' and appears as real users in the eyes of website hosts, even when managing thousands of accounts on the same computer.

Why Do You Need an Antidetect Browser for Ticket Scalping?

Frequent account creation and too straightforward browsing activity can lead to suspensions or bans.
Multilogin helps you create browser profiles with unique online identities, making it harder for ticketing platforms to identify and ban your multiple accounts, since they all look like real fans.

Multilogin features for ticket brokers

Bypass Bot Protection
Our antidetect tech lets you customize 20+ fingerprint parameters to make your profile look as much like a real fan as possible.
Team Collaboration
You can collaborate on browser profiles and easily share passwords, cookies, and session progress with designated team members.
Data Sync over Cloud
Use cloud browser profiles to sync data across multiple devices or VPS instances.
Fingerprint Adjustment to Match Proxy
All browser fingerprints are automatically adjusted to the proxy's location.
Support for All Proxy Types
Use our proxies or bring your own. All proxy types are supported.
Residential Rotating IPs
Our residential proxies are tested daily and work flawlessly with Ticketmaster, SeatGeak, AXS, and more.
Chrome or Firefox Interface
Our Mimic and Stealthfox browsers fully emulate Chrome or Firefox, providing you with a different digital identity in each browser window.
High Load Supported
Scale your ticket scalping operation to any size, our platform handles it.
Manual Mode
Manually control the settings of your browser profiles in secure virtual environments.
Browser Action Automation
Automate repetitive tasks and form-filling with Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer automation drivers without getting flagged by anti-bot algorithms.

Ticket scalping without bot detection. Tested on 20+ platforms:

What is Ticket Scalping?

The general meaning of ticket scalping is not that complicated. A ticket scalper (or ticket broker) is a person who buys tickets at face value or below and resells them at a higher price. This practice capitalizes on a high demand for the event and a limited availability of seats, aiming to profit from the markup. However, all professional brokers will tell you that it's not just about buying and selling. Successful scalpers maximize revenue by understanding market dynamics, event popularity, aspects and limitations of each ticket platform, and of course, using relevant technical solutions to optimize their work. 

Is Scalping Tickets Legal? 

While federal laws in the USA don't specifically address ticket scalping, some states have their own regulations. For instance, in California, unauthorized ticket resale exceeding face value is considered a misdemeanor while on the ground of the event. While Texas has no state laws against ticket scalping, allowing individuals to freely resell tickets with an extra charge. Therefore, before taking this path make sure you know about the laws for ticket-scalping in your state to operate within legal boundaries. 

How to Become a Ticket Broker 

There are a few steps to keep in mind when moving from securing tickets to reaping rewards:

  • Grasping the legal landscape: Some states have strict regulations against scalping, while others are more lenient. Knowledge is power, and understanding the laws is the first step to working efficiently as a ticket broker. 

  • Identifying the Right Events: You need to analyze which events are likely to sell out and identify the high demand in the secondary market. This involves keeping a pulse on upcoming concerts, sports games, live events, etc. 

  • Purchasing Tickets: When you have a list of events, the next step is securing tickets. This is where platforms like AXS Tickets, Ticketmaster, and SeatGeek come into play. But remember that each of these platforms has its barriers, such as anti-bot measures the waiting queue sorting principles, ticket limitations, and other factors we described in the next block. All these factors can slow you down and challenge your ability to purchase the desired amount of tickets. Successful brokers use a combination of technological solutions and strategic planning to overcome these hurdles. 

  • Reselling for Profit: Once you've secured your tickets, it's time to sell them for a profit. Platforms like StubHub offer a marketplace for resellers. However, pricing strategy is key. Setting the right price involves understanding the market demand and competition. 

Ticket Scalping Challenges

Ticket brokers face a unique set of challenges in their quest to secure and sell tickets. These challenges can significantly impact their success: 

  • Bot Detection: Each new profile should have a unique IP address and browser identity. That’s why brokers often encounter issues with IP and digital fingerprints. If you use the same IP for each newly created profile, it can be detected as fake. Do you do the same sequence of clicks for 10 new profiles in a row? Fake. Miss the captcha, use the same email, credit card, etc? Fake.

  • Computer Capacity: Running multiple windows and profiles simultaneously can slow down computers, making it difficult to manage transactions, track activity and react quickly. 

  • Software Complexity: Setting up and optimizing software for ticket scalping requires technical know-how, which can be a steep learning curve for some. 

  • Team Collaboration: If you manage profiles within one agency you might need to share credits, profile updates, and keep track of all the created users. It can be time-consuming and may lead to operational inefficiencies if you don’t have a centralized solution for it. 

  • Virtual Queue Ranking: The ability to secure a spot and navigate through waiting queues is critical. The more accounts a broker can manage, the higher their chances of securing the best tickets. 

How to Achieve Efficient Ticket Scalping

Navigating the complexities of manual profile setups, searching for reliable proxy providers, and dealing with email verifications and form fillings can be overwhelming. We've developed a sophisticated antidetect solution designed to assist ticket brokers in enhancing the ticket-buying process. Multilogin helps reduce the risk of bans and restrictions while improving operational efficiency, allowing you to focus more on success and less on the setup.

Ticket Scalping Made Easy with Multilogin


How to Start Scalping Tickets with Multilogin

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