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Multilogin | Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies

Scrape data and manage multiple accounts effortlessly with Multilogin's antidetect browser with built-in residential proxy service. Overcome geo-restrictions and avoid blocks while conducting market research and more.

Bypass Bans and Captchas with Built-in Residential Proxies

Safeguard against bans and Captchas on digital space with Multilogin's antidetect browser, equipped with built-in residential proxies. Manage multiple accounts seamlessly and minimize the risk of platform bans.

Break Geographical Restrictions with Residential Proxies

Designed with integrated residential proxies accessing over 5 million+ IPs across 195+ countries, Multilogin Antidetect Browser ensures extensive geographic coverage. Enjoy super-sticky IP sessions lasting up to 24 hours, bandwidth rollover, and an IP quality filter for optimal performance.

Break Geographical Restrictions with Residential Proxies

Improve Real-Time Data Access

Use multiple residential proxies at once to gather a comprehensive pool of information for efficient market research or competitor analysis. Maintain a steady flow of data, effectively bypassing anti-bot systems, and avoiding blocks or CAPTCHA challenges.

Enhance Anonymity with Built-In Proxies

Hide your real IP address by replacing it with one from a real device connected to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This makes you appear like a regular user browsing the internet, bypassing detection by anti-bot systems and websites with strong security measures.

What is Antidetect Browser?

Antidetect browsers enable you to create multiple browsing sessions, each configured with unique digital fingerprints. By emulating genuine user behavior with advanced fingerprint randomization, they help you run high-volume scraping tasks while reducing the risk of detection.

Why Use Proxies and a Browser from the Same Provider?

Multilogin provides all the tools you need for data scraping: antidetect browsers that look like real users, high-quality residential proxies that avoid anti-scraping bots, and support for browser automation tools like Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium.

Multilogin Features

Bypass Protection
Bypass Bot Protection
Our fingerprint masking technology is capable of modifying numerous browser fingerprints to avoid detection.
Integration with Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer
Automate data extraction with popular browser automation drivers all while keeping them invisible to anti-automation bots.
Residential Rotating IPs
Residential Rotating Proxies
Gain access to premium residential proxy nodes in 1400+ cities across 150+ countries with your Multilogin subscription.
Fingerprint Adjustment  to Match Proxy
Fingerprint Adjustment to Proxies
All browser fingerprints are automatically adjusted to match the proxy’s location, enhancing anonymity.
Supports for All Proxy Types
Supports for All Proxy Types
Whether you use our proxies or bring your own, all proxy types are seamlessly supported.
Data Sync Over VPS
Use our cloud profiles to synchronize browser data across multiple VPS instances effortlessly.
Fully Featured Browsers
 Unlike headless browsers that are easily detected, our browsers mimic real user activity, preventing restrictions by websites.
Easy Dockerization
Dockerize your OnlyFans scraping instances with ease using our quick dockerization guide.

Residential Proxies FAQ

What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy functions as a middleman server that uses an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) instead of a data center. This makes the traffic appear as if it's coming from a real user, which helps to maintain anonymity and lowers the chances of being detected. Multilogin uses primary residential proxies to assist you in effectively managing multiple online identities without getting flagged by websites.

How do residential proxies operate?

Imagine a residential proxy server acting as a middleman between your devices and the websites you visit. This middleman helps you stay anonymous, masking your identity and location, while you are browsing the internet. It works by giving you an IP address from a large pool, making it look like you're browsing from any other location around the globe.

Why should I buy premium proxies?

Residential proxies provide a secure and reliable connection that appears genuine to websites. Multilogin offers a convenient selection of residential proxies, simplifying the process of finding and buying them. From your profile settings, you can convenient access to a vast network of over 5 million IP addresses. And the best part? It is completely free of charge. These proxies are designed to enhance web scraping capabilities, efficiently manage multiple accounts, and bypass geographical restrictions. Multilogin provides the necessary security and anonymity for a wide range of online activities. It meets the needs of flexible and professional web browsing, offering a reliable solution for all your online needs.

Key differences between residential and static proxy

The key difference between residential and static proxies lies in their IP address stability.
Residential Proxy use real IP addresses assigned to homes by internet service providers (ISPs). The IP you get can change with each session or periodically. This makes them ideal for tasks that require high anonymity, like web scraping or managing social media accounts.
Static Proxy comes from real ISPs but maintain a single, unchanging IP address. This consistency is perfect for activities like logging into bank accounts or managing applications where the same IP is needed over time.

Why use residential proxies for web scraping?

Residential proxies provide IP addresses from real devices, making your web scraping activities appear legitimate and reducing the likelihood of detection and blocking. They offer higher success rates, better access to geographically restricted content, and more reliable connections, ensuring seamless and efficient data collection.

How often does the residential proxy update?

The residential proxy updates at configurable intervals, typically ranging from every few seconds to every 24 hours, depending on your needs and the specific settings you choose. This flexibility allows you to balance between minimizing detection risk and maintaining efficient scraping operations.

What are the main use cases for residential IP addresses?

Residential proxies are used for various purposes. 
In social media management, they allow the creation of multiple social media accounts on one device for effective marketing.
In market price monitoring, they help businesses collect data and monitor pricing trends to attract customers.
For cybersecurity penetration testing, they are used to hide IPs and simulate cyberattacks for security testing.
In web data scraping, they enable data collection and competitor monitoring with continuous IP rotation.
Residential proxies are widely used in ad verification to ensure ad integrity by checking and blocking suspicious ads.
One interesting use case is site unblocking, as residential proxies grant access to geo-restricted content and websites, which is particularly useful in regions with restricted information access.

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