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Scale Your Airdrop Farming | Multilogin Antidetect for Crypto

Scale Your Airdrop Farming

Overcome claim limits without sybil detection. Maximize your token haul with multiple browser profiles that look and behave like real users.

Maximize your token rewards

Create and manage secure and unlinked profiles from 1 computer. Claim more airdrops simultaneously to increase your token revenue. 

Automate without sybil detection

Program or add an existing scripts to complete social media actions, and navigate airdrop websites, all while running undetected. Fully compatible with popular frameworks like Playwright, Puppeteer, and Selenium.

Stay off the blacklist

Integrate and manage proxy right inside of the browser. We provide residential proxies with a 97% cleanliness rate. The proxy you use has never been abused or shared by servers.

What is Antidetect Browser?

These browsers hide your computer's "digital fingerprint," which includes things like browsing history, cookies, and hardware details. So, each account you create has its own unique identity, even though they're all on the same machine. It's like having an army of anonymous users, all ready to grab those free tokens, without getting flagged!

Why you need an antidetect browser to farm airdrops

Airdrop limits the number of tokens that an individual can receive. Antidetect browsers enable users to create and manage multiple digital identities to get more coins. Participants also need to complete social tasks or interact with platforms using different accounts, which can be time-consuming. Multilogin simplifies this by allowing quick switching between MetaMask wallets and maintaining all previously downloaded extensions and activities for seamless interactions.

Multilogin features for airdrop farming

Residential Rotating IPs
Sync all your extensions 
Add Metamask, Fantom, Keplr and other tools to multiple profiles to avoid full authentication of your wallets every time.
Supports for All Proxy Types
Manage your proxy
Add and manage proxy from any 3rd party provider or use Multilogin Proxy inside our browser.  
Bypass Protection
Keep your accounts safe
All browser activity is encrypted – your data itself, its transmission, and even the servers it's stored on
Clone your profiles
Create a profile template for doing similar operations like setting up wallets, logging into accounts, and doing reward-cost actions.
Automate without bot detection 
Automate any time-consuming manual task with the help of Playwright, Puppeteer, Selenium.
Group your profiles
Group and separate your accounts by crypto projects to manage all your token holders efficiently. 
Leave notes for any profile 
Add important notes about which tokens are held in this account, the status of the project, etc.
Add team members
Track progress on the profiles of your team members. Set restrictions and access to specific data.

What Are Crypto Airdrops?

Crypto airdrops have become a popular way for blockchain projects to promote their new tokens and engage with the community. For the uninitiated, a crypto airdrop involves the free distribution of new tokens directly into the digital wallets of active blockchain participants. This method not only boosts token distribution but also incentivizes more users to join a project's ecosystem. In this context, "airdrop farming" refers to the strategy of actively seeking out these opportunities to acquire new crypto assets for free.

Understanding how to participate in crypto airdrops is crucial for anyone looking to benefit from these free tokens. To start, you’ll need to keep informed about upcoming airdrops through reliable sources such as airdrop-dedicated websites and crypto community forums. Registering an interest often involves simple steps like joining a Telegram group, signing up for a newsletter, or connecting your wallet to a new protocol.

What is Retrodrop?

A "retrodrop" in the context of cryptocurrency is a type of airdrop where tokens are distributed to users based on past behaviors or interactions with a blockchain platform or application. Unlike standard airdrops, which might require current action like signing up for a newsletter or joining a Telegram group, retrodrops reward users for previous activities such as early adoption, continued usage, or specific on-chain actions before the announcement of the airdrop. This method aims to recognize and reward loyal users who have contributed to the project's growth and success over time.

Why Use Antidetect Browsers for Airdrops?

Antidetect browsers offer unique advantages for airdrop farming. These specialized tools allow users to manage multiple identities safely and efficiently. By using an antidetect browser, you can participate in numerous airdrops that require distinct user accounts without risking privacy breaches or account bans. This is especially useful for engaging with projects that offer "retrodrop crypto" rewards to early adopters or active community members.

Effective Strategies for Crypto Coin Airdrop and Airdrop Farming

Alongside antidetect browsers, having a versatile crypto wallet, timely alert services for airdrop notifications, and robust portfolio trackers are essential in navigating the airdrops crypto landscape effectively.
To optimize your results from crypto coin airdrop and airdrop farming, consider these tips:

  • Diversify your approaches: Engage with multiple blockchain projects to increase your chances of receiving valuable airdrops.

  • Prioritize security: Use antidetect browsers to safeguard your privacy and manage multiple digital identities without compromising security.

  • Monitor and evaluate: Keep track of your airdrops with portfolio management tools to assess their impact on your overall investment strategy.

By participating in crypto coin airdrop and airdrop farming, and by leveraging tools like antidetect browsers, you not only enhance your portfolio but also solidify your standing within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These practices offer a unique combination of security, privacy, and potential financial gain, positioning you well in the ever-expanding world of digital assets. Start your journey today and tap into the myriad opportunities that crypto airdrops present.

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