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NetNut Coupon from Multilogin

NetNut + Multilogin Special Bundle

Get 50% Off for the First Month to try Multilogin (with the code MNETNUT for all NetNut users)

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About NetNut

NetNut is a premium proxy service provider that offers residential and static IP proxies to businesses and individuals. Its network ensures high-speed and stable connections by routing traffic through real devices

What is Multilogin antidetect?

Our software helps manage multiple accounts without ban limitations. 
We provide a unique fingerprint technology that lets you create separate and unique digital profiles that look like real users for the websites, even if they managed from a single computer.

Compatibility with all types of proxies

Multilogin is engineered to seamlessly integrate with any type of proxy, whether you're using residential, datacenter, or mobile proxies. Our platform supports a wide range of proxy protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS, ensuring smooth and secure connections.
All your browser fingerprints are automatically adjusted to align with the proxy's geographic location.

Simple and elaborate automation API

Our API covers the full range of features available in the service. Always launching before feature releases to ensure it never lags behind the user interface. 
Equipped with detailed documentation, example automations, and expert technical support, your development team can begin automating undetectable browsers within hours.

Tested daily against 50+ websites

Multilogin technical support team is testing Multilogin daily with 50+ websites. We are registering accounts, collecting information, making purchases, submitting forms, most of this performed automatically. 
When you talk to us, you are talking to experts who know from practical experience how their product performs. We are online 24/7 and speak 5 languages.

Industry Recognized
Trusted by the Community

Why do you need an antidetect browser?

Even with proxies, websites can still detect you're using automation or managing multiple accounts based on browser fingerprints. This fingerprint includes details like browser version, operating system, screen resolution, browsing history, etc. By mimicking real user data, antidetect browsers make it much harder for websites to detect you're using multiple accounts.

Why Choose Multilogin?

Passes all 
fingerprinting tests
Multilogin easily passes such popular checkers as Pixelscan, BrowserLeaks, Whoer, and CreepJS.
Matching Fingerprints
Customize 20+ fingerprint parameters or go with automatic adjusted to the proxy's location.
Collaborate with 
team members
Keep track of all created profiles, launch automation, and manage proxy in one browser.
Browser action 
Allow you to program flexible automation scripts with Playwright, Puppeteer, Selenium.

How to start using Multilogin?

Promo code MNETNUT gives you a 50% discount on Multilogin's services for the first month.


Sign Up

We ask only for a verified email address in order to create your account


Purchase any subscription plan

Drop a message to the support team with the promo code MNETNUT and enjoy your 50% discount


Download Multilogin agent

Available on Windows, Mac, Linux


Launch agent to download 
the Multilogin browser

After connecting the agent, it will download antidetect browsers to your computer


Time to create your first profile

Get Started

Unleash Unparalleled Privacy and Speed with NetNut Proxies 

NetNut isn't your average proxy provider. They're at the forefront of online privacy, offering one of the industry's largest pools of IPs. Our recent partnership with them unlocks exclusive benefits for you, including premium features and special discounts. It's a win-win for enhanced online operations and ironclad security. 

The NetNut Network Difference: Speed, Stability, and Unwavering Reliability 

Forget the sluggish performance and unreliable connections of traditional proxies. NetNut's innovative one-hop technology bypasses unnecessary intermediaries, connecting you directly to IPs sourced from ISPs. This ingenious approach translates to lightning-fast speeds, rock-solid stability, and a system designed for those who demand the absolute best. 

Real Static IPs: Always Available, Always Authentic 

NetNut doesn't mess around with fake or unreliable IPs. They use real static IPs, meticulously maintained 24/7 and backed by genuine users. This commitment to legitimacy significantly reduces the chances of blacklisting, a common frustration with other proxy networks. 

A Global Reach with Millions of IPs at Your Fingertips 

NetNut boasts a staggering pool of over 85 million rotating residential IPs. This vast array opens doors for precise geo-targeting and localized testing, whether you need to operate at a city or state level. Need to manage ads, conduct market research, or verify data across the globe? NetNut's worldwide reach has you covered. 

Effortless Integration and Powerful Data Extraction with the NetNut API 

Market researchers and SEO specialists, rejoice! NetNut's robust SERP Scraper API delivers real-time, structured data straight from search engines. This goldmine of information is precisely tailored to your needs and available in both JSON and HTML formats. Plus, the user-friendly API integrates seamlessly, allowing you to automate data retrieval and analysis. Need even more control? NetNut's system lets you pay only for successful data requests, making it a budget-friendly solution. 

Experience NetNut Risk-Free with Their Free Trial 

Still on the fence? NetNut offers a generous free trial, allowing you to experience the power of their faster, more secure proxy service firsthand. It's the perfect opportunity to see how NetNut can transform your online operations without any upfront commitment. 

NetNut Pricing and Unwavering Support 

NetNut understands that budgets vary. That's why they offer a range of competitive pricing plans to suit your specific needs, starting at just $10. Plus, their dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 via email or Slack to address any questions or concerns you might have. Their commitment to immediate responses ensures minimal disruption to your workflow. 

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with the MultiLogin and NetNut Coupon 

We've taken things a step further by partnering with MultiLogin to provide you with even more value. Use the exclusive promo code on our website to unlock special discounts and benefits tailored for both platforms. This powerful combination lets you leverage NetNut's advanced proxy network alongside MultiLogin's secure browsing technology. Simply enter the code during NetNut registration and unlock a world of possibilities. 

Final Words 

With NetNut, you gain access to a vast IP pool, competitive pricing, and exceptional support. MultiLogin users enjoy additional advantages, allowing for more precise geo-targeting and streamlined operations across multiple browsers. Join the thousands who trust NetNut and MultiLogin to elevate their online experience. Don't wait – your ultimate online advantage is just a promo code away!