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Multilogin | How to Use Multilogin for Betting

How to use Multilogin for betting

Making a full-time income from online betting means you need to be able to perform constant deep analysis, move fast and operate across multiple accounts.

However, running multiple accounts means you risk bans on platforms like Bet365. This is where Multilogin is your secret weapon, as we explain.

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Automate wagers

Act with speed to place wagers in seconds by automating 1000s of manual tasks

Spread the risk

Spread the risk with multiple, native-appearing accounts on platforms like Bet365

Manage teamwork

Manage your team efficiently with account sharing, permissions control and more

Single-step accounts

Use quick account creation to build and delete hundreds of accounts for simple actions

In-depth: how do you make money in the online betting industry?

As we all know, betting is a matter of skill as much as chance – and more so as a professional. The internet has opened up big opportunities, but with it has come the increasingly complexity of succeeded in a competitive and crowded field.

For most online betting professionals, their work consists firstly of constant analysis and research to find value in fields like sport betting. Second up is the need to go fast: being able to place a wager at speed before odds are adjusted. Thirdly, for anyone looking to make a full-time income from the online betting industry, is the need to replicate this at scale across multiple and varied accounts. No matter how fast or strong on analysis you are, putting your eggs into one basket means your risk is far too concentrated.

Let’s look at these in more detail.

It would take an enormous team an enormous number of man-hours to be able to produce the level and volume of analysis required, and then to be able to follow up with the speed needed to seize the opportunities that you identify.

This means that automation is absolutely key to your profitability and success. With Multilogin, you can automate manual tasks, both simple and complex, meaning you can expand with minimal in-person investment and outlay.

As we have touched upon in the introduction, for anyone to make money from online betting, you need multiple accounts to be able to spread the risk and maintain profitability.

However, that in itself brings an extra layer of risk – unless you plan carefully.

As many online professionals will be aware, there is an ever-looming danger of account bans and suspensions. Platforms such as Bet365 have increasingly meticulous algorithms for identifying multiple account users, even for legitimate uses.

This means that you need to plan to protect against these situations from day one, as we explain below.

If your browser fingerprint – the information that comes together to give you a unique identity, from your hardware to IP, location and more – has any form of inconsistency, this can lead to an instant and automatic ban. And as most people’s experience shows, a reinstatement is very rare.

This is again where Multilogin is such a key asset to the success of your business. By providing you with hundreds to thousands of virtual browser profiles, you have the possibility to create numerous accounts, each in their own segregated environment. This means each one appears to third parties as being from a genuine individual device, separate to any of your other accounts.

How Multilogin helps:

  • Separated browser environments
  • Native browser fingerprints
  • Automate manual processes
  • One-click account creation
  • Specialist, multilingual support

Create and manage thousands of completely separated virtual browser profiles that do not leak data, history or information between each other.

Rather than suspiciously blocking sites from reading your fingerprint, Multilogin replaces it with a completely native new one that appears as a genuine separate device.

Use automation to quickly create, change and delete accounts in bulk, carry out manual routine tasks, manage ads and more.

Scale fast by creating an account in a matter of seconds, and use tools such as CookieRobot to build your account history automatically.

Enjoy in-app live chat support in English, Russian and Chinese and over 60 specialist written and video guides in our Knowledge Base.

Adam Collard

CEO, Rocket31

A very good, reliable solution that can increase our productivity and definitely increase our ROI in the business…I highly recommend.

Akshay Sharma

CEO at Fubee Media

Jason Crowe

E-commerce Consultant