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Multilogin | 2021 in review: how we added value for our users

2021 in review: how we added value for our users


It’s been a busy 12 months for Multilogin, with a raft of new features released to help our users, cutting-edge research into the world of browser fingerprinting and expanded global support – plus some exciting plans afoot for 2022 too.

Here are some of our biggest developments in the past year:

Multilogin product

Migration to AWS Cloud Services

Stability is of the utmost importance to us, as we know that Multilogin is crucial to the existence and growth of many of our clients’ businesses. That’s why, in summer 2021, we moved all of our cloud storage data from Digital Ocean to AWS, which has been historically the most stable service worldwide. Although a large operation, the migration was a success with no need for individual user input.

Introduction of M1 compatibility

Also this summer, we released the M1-chip compatible version of Multilogin for macOS devices. We could have chosen a ‘quick fix’. However, with the aim of offering the most robust and long-term solution possible, we spent months meticulously testing, followed by additional months of stabilization to ensure all existing functionality and features would work on the new version with the same level of stability and security.

Just as excitingly, the changed and updated architecture that meant we could hit this major milestone – one of our most popular update requests – also meant we were now in a position to offer fixes to a number of previously unsolvable solutions.

Release of Multilogin Luna

We weren’t content to rest on our laurels with the above and in autumn released the first beta of our major new version of Multilogin, Luna.

The new version, which has applied our new compiling technology to Windows and Linux builds, is optimized to allow more simultaneously launched browser profiles and has a smooth handling for if your machine cannot handle the operational load.

By the end of 2021, Luna 6.05 had introduced even more popular features, including making custom start URLs available for all plans, an improved profile search, and an improved clean-up of temporary files.

By the end of January 2022, Luna launched in its stable version. Stay tuned for further developments!

Growing our global support

We consistently hear from our customers that our support is head and shoulders above the rest, and it is a key cornerstone of our company. In 2021, we increased our coverage of live chat and email significantly by growing our team in time zones as diverse as China and Canada, and added the option for Vietnamese language support.

Our technical team has also been hard at work refreshing our entire Knowledge Base, with over sixty articles to help you out in multiple languages.

We also released new videos on our automation options and proxy troubleshooting.

Research and insight

Our product is backed by our dedicated in-house research team, who operate at the cutting edge of our field of browser fingerprinting – often faster than academia. While we can’t release all of our findings as they are a big part of what helps set Multilogin apart from other imitations, here’s a small taste of what we discovered in the last year:

How JavaScript injection attempts are easily exploitable

The hidden risks of browser extensions part one and two

Deals and partnerships

New deals with Smartproxy, Bright Data and Oxylabs

Our recognition as an industry leader means we’re in a position to offer you special deals with some of the world’s top proxy providers. This year, we offered deals for the first time with Smartproxy – offering 35% off – and secured further deals with Bright Data and Oxylabs on residential, datacenter and mobile IPs.

Free tickets to KINZA360

15 of our lucky users won free tickets to KINZA360, including two exclusive VIP tickets worth, worth a total of 280K roubles. The annual event is one of the largest affiliate marketing conferences, this time gathering 250+ exhibitors and 40 international speakers in Moscow’s Music Media Dome.

Coming up in 2022

We’ve got an exciting roadmap for 2022 that will keep Multilogin at the forefront of our industry, offering you the best solution on the market. Stay tuned for further developments!