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Multilogin | How To Set Up Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

How can you avoid Facebook Ad account bans when running multiple profiles?

For online entrepreneurs and agency owners looking to scale up their business, being able to run multiple advertising accounts can be crucial in sectors like affiliate marketing and e-commerce. However, doing so on Facebook can lead to suspensions and bans – putting your entire business back to square one. The risk of Facebook Ad account bans is one you can’t afford to take: here’s what you can do to protect against it.

Why run multiple Facebook Ad accounts?

First off, let’s have a quick recap of why you might want to run multiple Facebook Ad accounts.

For smaller businesses, it’s often a matter of business continuity. Facebook is well known for banning accounts, often without a clear reason why, and it’s not easy to successfully appeal a suspension. Whether you went against their terms of service intentionally or unintentionally, or indeed your behavior triggered something in the algorithm, the chances of getting it overturned are essentially nil.

If you run multiple accounts in this case, you’re simply spreading your risk. Along comes a Facebook Ad account ban and you can switch over to your back-up account – and the show goes on.

At a larger scale, however, it’s often a way to grow your advertising reach and returns. You might want to serve ads multiple times to the same audience, to increase your chance of getting through to the right people, to make use of different costs and conversion rates in different accounts and more. The options multiple Facebook Ad accounts open up to you are huge.

However, as you know, it also opens you to the possibility of a ban. The methods of detecting multiple accounts are becoming ever more sophisticated, so it’s crucial that you don’t leave this to chance when creating your accounts.

Here are some easy-to-implement tactics on helping keep your accounts suspension-proof.

What settings should you consider when creating Facebook Ad accounts?

You need to ensure that you appear as a genuine, unique user/device on each of your accounts, and that means you need to make sure there are no obvious holes in your figurative armor. We’ll look in turn at your IP address and proxies, cookies, and browser fingerprints.

IP address and proxies

As you’ll be aware, your IP address is a unique identification number that comes from your ISP (internet service provider). If you go ahead and create multiple Facebook Ad accounts from the same IP, then Facebook will very easily be able to link and block those accounts.

This means that you need unique, high-quality IP addresses for each one, if you are to avoid Facebook Ad account bans.

Now, it may be 2022 but not all proxy partners are created equal. We generally see better success rates with residential or mobile proxies, as Facebook perceives them as coming from real users. Datacenter proxies, on the other hand, can sometimes run into difficulties, at least at the point of set-up.

Multilogin offers exclusive deals for our users with some of the most popular proxies on the market, so make sure you check out the deals on our Partners page.


Most of us have become aware of the presence of cookies in recent years, particularly in Europe following GDPR legislation. They help websites to track you across time within the same browser.

What does this mean for anyone trying to avoid Facebook Ad account bans? Well, it means that simple solutions like logging out and then into a new account are just that: too simple. Facebook still ‘sees’ those cookies if you log out and easily detect that it’s the same user logging into a second account.

This is one of the big advantages of Multilogin’s virtual browser profiles. Each browser profile provides a completely isolated environment which doesn’t leak to any other browser profile, meaning that each one has its own unique cookies, history, and the rest. This way, if you create each Facebook Ad account in a separate virtual browser profile – and make sure it’s properly set up with proxies and different IP addresses – you’re already on the way to reducing detectability.

Browser fingerprints

This brings us neatly onto the topic of browser fingerprints.

As we’ve discussed before, this is the sum of parameters and other information that websites and platforms can gather about you and build a trackable identity (your unique ‘fingerprint’).

All the areas we’ve already discussed are part of your fingerprint, and it’s extremely important that you get the correct settings for these to protect your Facebook ad accounts.


Likewise, if you’re working in a team, you need to make sure you don’t trip up with some aspects between members. For example, your screen resolution is one area inconsistencies could be found in your hardware if you don’t apply the correct settings in Multilogin. It’s important that the screen resolution setting you choose for your profile isn’t larger than the smallest screen among your team members, just in case. If it were set to be larger than physically possible, then this would be a red-flag.

Avoiding multiple Facebook Ad account bans

As we’ve covered, it’s crucial to get your strategy for avoiding bans honed from the very start. To watch some expert insights into safely running accounts, don’t miss our webinars and videos. And to get started with Multilogin if you haven’t already, visit our Pricing page to find the right plan for you.