How to manage multiple social media accounts without bans


Even a single set of social media accounts is a key tool for advertisers, but imagine how much more powerful that would become if you could manage multiple Facebook Ad accounts, Instagram Business accounts, and so on. The potential is enormous: targeting segments in multiple different ways, re-serving messaging to the same audience, increasing your chances in bids… And while this might seem like a complicated task, it is simpler than you think. Here’s how to manage multiple social media accounts for one company or for a large agency portfolio.

What are the guidelines on managing multiple social media accounts?

The rules here are a bit of a grey area. Most platforms do permit multiple ad accounts, but they should be associated with different pages or brands.

One of the difficulties, then, comes when running anything linked to a personal page. For example, if you have an ad account associated with a personal Facebook page, you can only add one of these to a Facebook Business account. Otherwise, you need to create a different Facebook Business account with different credentials.

What are the problems with running multiple accounts on social media?

There are some existing ways to do so out there, but the biggest problem is that they are platform-specific. For example, Google has introduced My Client Centre (MCC) for agencies to manage multiple accounts, but this is only for advertising and only on the Google Ads side of things. You couldn’t, for example, manage multiple YouTube accounts (another Google brand) under the same umbrella.

So, while the rules are not as tight as you might be used to on other websites like e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, even running multiple social media accounts for one company can be difficult and time-consuming.

If you add to this the problem of handling these among multiple team members, then things look even dicier. As any regular reader of our blog will know, opening the same account from different geolocations – let’s say you’re based in the United States and you have a virtual assistant in the Philippines – then you run the risk of account bans. Constantly switching between locations can be considered a red flag for suspicious behavior or activity.

For individual businesses, this can mean that one of the foundations of your sales process has collapsed. For agencies, it can put numerous clients’ entire portfolios at risk. Either way, it’s a danger that you can’t afford to take.

What’s the best way to safely manage multiple social media accounts?

So, we have two problems to solve.

  • Being able to manage your accounts between team members without too many switches

  • Being able to work on multiple accounts without causing account bans from suspicious behavior

This is where Multilogin comes in.

By using Multilogin, you can create what we call virtual browser profiles, each one of which acts as and appears as a native, genuine device. Each one has its own customizable browser fingerprint, just like a usual individual user online.

Many of our users benefit from using these profiles to manage multiple social media accounts, as the only switching needed happens easily between different browser profiles.

Instead of needing to log in and out of multiple platforms – which itself also raises the potential of account bans – you can use one virtual browser profile per separate social media account. For example, you would have one Facebook account in one virtual browser profile, and another would be run through another profile.

When a virtual browser profile is closed, it keeps where you left off, so there’s no need to keep changing credentials: all you need is to be in your Multilogin account.

Likewise, if you’re managing multiple social media accounts within a team, you can share these profiles between team members. As the owner of accounts, you can organize these into groups to help keep everything in order, plus set permissions for your team members on whether they can simply launch profiles or also edit and create profiles.

This solves our first issue of how you can manage multiple social media accounts with minimal switching and from one interface.

For the second issue of stopping account bans, this is where virtual browser profiles are the most powerful option.

When each team member accesses a profile, they do so with the same fingerprint and should use the same proxy settings too. In other words, they appear as the same user without any difference, helping to reduce any appearance of suspicious behavior and reduce the risks of account bans.

When each team member accesses a profile, they do so with the same fingerprint, appearing as the same user.

Multilogin’s session lock functionality also helps to prevent accidental operational difficulties within your teams, meaning that an already-active profile cannot accidentally be launched by another user. This way, you can stop both suspicious behavior from fingerprints and from activity.

Getting started with Multilogin

As we approach the busiest commercial season of the year, there's no better time to start boosting your business. Even a small team can scale fast with Multilogin, managing numerous social media accounts, so find out how to get started by visiting our plans and pricing page.