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Sell Tickets on StubHub | Without Limits

How to Sell Tickets on Stubhub?

Launched back in 2000, StubHub has become a main platform for ticket reselling. What makes StubHub stand out from the crowd?  

  • Wide Reach: StubHub has a user base that spans the globe, connecting sellers with millions of potential buyers. This is a major advantage compared to local platforms or individual reselling attempts, where your audience is limited.  

  • Convenience and Security: StubHub takes care of the entire transaction process. They provide secure payments and ensure tickets are transferred smoothly between the seller and the buyer.  

  • Control over Price: StubHub lets you set your own ticket price. This means you can adjust it based on what similar tickets are going for and potentially snag a bigger profit.  

Getting Started: How to Sell Tickets on Stubhub?  

It's actually a pretty simple process! Here's what you'll need to do:  

1. Stubhub Sign Up or Sign In: If you're new to StubHub, create an account. It’s free. Just provide your name, email, and a secure password. If you already have an account, just log in and let’s go to step  
2. List Your Tickets: Hit the "Sell" button and enter all the required details. You'll need information like the artist/team, venue, date, section, seat number, and how many tickets you're selling.  
3. Price it Right: Before you set the price, we recommend doing a little research! Check out the event's popularity and current resale prices for similar tickets. You want a competitive price that attracts buyers but still gets you some profit.  
4. Choose Delivery: Decide how you want to get the tickets to the buyer. Electronic transfer is usually faster and easier on StubHub, but some events might require physical delivery.  
5. Review and Publish: Double-check everything before hitting "publish." Once your listing is live, get ready to answer potential buyers' questions.  

Can One Sell Ticketmaster Tickets on StubHub?  

In most cases, yes there shouldn’t be a problem! Even though, there are a few things to keep in mind:  

  • Not all events allow reselling. Double-check the specific event details on Ticketmaster for any resale limitations.  

  • Not all Ticketmaster tickets can be resold on StubHub. StubHub has its own guidelines for what tickets they allow for resale. Make sure your Ticketmaster tickets meet those requirements before listing.  

As you might guess: Before you buy tickets, always check both Ticketmaster and StubHub to confirm if reselling is allowed for that specific event.  

Additional Tips to Resell Concert Tickets Online:  

  • Price to Sell: It's all about finding the balance. While profit is the goal, an unrealistic price tag might scare buyers. Do some research to see what similar tickets are going for and adjust your price accordingly. Better to sell for less than not sell at all.  

  • Honesty: Always fulfill your sales commitments. Completed sales may influence your StubHub rating. 

How to Transfer StubHub Tickets?  

Sending tickets to someone is a quick and easy process. Here're the steps:  

  1. Sign in to your StubHub account.  

  2. Go to "My Tickets" and select the event for which you want to transfer tickets.  

  3. Click on the event and choose "Manage Transfers" or a similar option.  

  4. Enter the recipient's email address twice and specify the number of tickets you want to transfer.  

  5. Review the transfer details.  

  6. The recipient should get a notification email with instructions on how to accept the transfer and complete the process.  

Just a quick reminder: make sure that the recipient has a StubHub account. Also, double-check the email addresses.  

Setting the Right Price to Sell Concert Tickets  

Here are some factors to consider in order to get these tickets sold:  

  • Market Demand: Research the current market value for similar tickets to the same event and seating section. Utilize StubHub's completed listings section or external resources to gauge pricing trends.  

  • Look Around: Research similar events in your area. See what they're charging and how their tickets are selling. This gives you a baseline for what fans might expect to pay.  

  • Consider the Artist: How popular is the performer? Are they a big name or a rising star? Well-known acts can command higher prices.  

  • Seat Value Matters: Not all seats are created equal. Front row tickets deserve a premium price compared to those in the back. Offer tiered pricing to reflect the different viewing experiences.  

How Much Does StubHub Charge to Sell Tickets: StubHub Seller Fees  

Here's the deal with StubHub fees: listing is free, but they take a bite when your tickets sell. This cut usually lands between 10% and 15% of the final price. Not bad, but maybe you're looking for other options?  

Exploring Alternatives: Best Place to Resell Tickets  

  • Ticketmaster, the ticketing giant for many events, also offers a resale option. It's basically a built-in StubHub within Ticketmaster, so you can buy and sell directly through them.  

  • SeatGeek is another big player, similar to StubHub. Here, you can also list and sell tickets for all sorts of events.  

  • Then there's Facebook Marketplace. It's a convenient option for finding tickets, but be cautious! Unlike dedicated platforms with buyer/seller protection and customer support,

  • Facebook Marketplace might not offer the same safety net.  

StubHub vs SeatGeek:  

Focus: StubHub is a secondary marketplace, where sellers resell tickets they already own. SeatGeek is a hybrid platform, offering both primary tickets from venues and secondary tickets from resellers.  

Fees: StubHub generally has higher seller fees compared to SeatGeek.  
Reach: StubHub might have a wider buyer base due to its established reputation. 

StubHub vs Ticketmaster:

Ticket Source: StubHub is a resale platform, so tickets come from other sellers. Ticketmaster is a primary platform, selling tickets directly from venues and event organizers.  
Control: With StubHub, you set your own resale price. Ticketmaster often has fixed pricing determined by the venue or event.  
Listing Fees: StubHub typically charges a listing fee upfront, while Ticketmaster may not have listing fees but takes a percentage of the final sale price.  

Steps to take before Selling Tickets  

While this article focuses on selling tickets, consider exploring automation solutions to assist with acquiring tickets in the first place. Our innovative antidetect browsers equipped with ticketing automation tools can significantly enhance your efficiency when purchasing tickets.  

Here is How Multilogin Сan Help

  • Bypassing Virtual Queues in Ticketing Platforms: Automated tools can help you bypass virtual waiting rooms on ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster, AXS, and Seatgeek, enabling you to purchase tickets quickly and easily.  

  • Fast Checkout: These tools can also fill out checkout forms with your billing information, 2FA, etc. streamlining the purchase process.

  • Increased Efficiency: By automating repetitive tasks, you can improve your efficiency and purchase multiple tickets simultaneously.  

Drop a message to the support chat to see a demo of our innovative technology and discover how it can help you secure those coveted tickets for upcoming events!