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Teamwork makes the dream work: the efficient way to run multiple accounts


Are inefficient processes harming your team’s success? As your headcount grows, managing multiple accounts with multiple team members can become messy and chaotic – but it doesn’t need to be.

The two problems with manual processes…

When you’re just starting out, processes and information-sharing are likely to be quite simple and organic. Spreadsheets here and there, passing information on via email or even in person. This creates two problems.

Firstly, the more accounts you start running – perhaps you’re a small ads agency winning more clients – the more difficult it becomes to manage those profiles among different people. You’ve got team members who need to log in and out of individual accounts, who need to run through long lists to find passwords and usernames, who need to send each other links, information, you name it. And then when you move someone out of the team, you have to change all the access information you’ve given them for your own security.

Ultimately, the administrative and governance side of your business starts eating significantly into time you should be using on revenue-generating activities.

Secondly, most companies running multiple accounts who have not yet built up the processes needed to scale safely will find themselves sharing the same accounts directly on different devices. If your colleague monitors an account from Mumbai, while you then log in eight hours later from San Francisco, then you’ve got two devices using a completely different fingerprint. Your geolocations are improbably far apart for someone accessing the same account, you have different hardware, a different IP – a situation that can set off alarm bells. And the result of those alarm bells? Your accounts are banned.

Both of the above are not abstract problems: they are very real situations that have a very real impact on the growth and revenue of your team and company. So what can a team managing multiple accounts do?

…and the one simple solution

The good news is that this double-pronged problem is that it can be solved with a single solution.

By moving all these accounts to a single solution managing all your virtual profiles together, you can easily eliminate both of the above risks. Here’s how it works in Multilogin:

Managing new and existing team members

It takes as little as sixty seconds to on-board a new team member into your accounts. To add a new team member in Multilogin, simply go to Team Members and click ‘add’. Then all you need to do is add in their email address. The application will give you a temporary password for them, and they are officially set up.

With the team member added, you can easily give them access to different accounts by adding them to groups. What’s more, unlike if you passed passwords around in the old-style way, you can also control their permissions level, so whether they can launch, edit or add new users to the group.

Wherever they then access that account from, as long as they are doing so through their session in Multilogin, it will be exactly the same. The same browser profile, the same fingerprints.

Ensuring consistent fingerprints

We have already discussed how having the same account accessed from different devices poses a big risk of banning, as the fingerprints are completely different.

In Multilogin, each team member uses the same virtual browser profile to access their accounts. For example, if you log into Facebook and then your colleague also wants to use that Facebook profile later on from a different device, each of your Multilogin team accesses will bring you to the same browser profile, with the same fingerprint, from cookies to device to IP settings. These settings are not hidden, but open to be read by the platforms you are using, who interpret them as one single true user/device – helping to protect your accounts from banning.

We have only touched the surface of our functionalities and possibilities for expanding team members. To find out more, visit our pricing plans page and discover what is on offer for your business. 

Find out how to stop account bans, break free of the restrictions of physical devices with Multilogin and scale your business effortlessly.

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