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My 4G Proxy offers the highest quality mobile proxies with 99.6% uptime & unlimited data* all under very affordable pricing. The founders, as marketers, were tired of the high price other companies were charging per GB, so they made 4G proxies and started offering unlimited 4G data proxies from 7+ countries. 

* to all countries, except India, which has daily amounts.

  • 100% dedicated 4G proxies from 7+ locations 

  • Unlimited 4G mobile data – no charging per GB 

  • Both SOCKS5 & HTTP protocol proxy 

  • Dedicated power back-ups & redundant fiber lines offering up to 99.6% uptime 

  • High 4G speed – up to 60Mbits download and 40Mbits upload 

  • Unlimited concurrent connections; no thread limiting 

4G Mobile proxy offers

  • Unlimited 4G data from 7+ countries. 

  • Cleanest 4G mobile Proxies – 100% dedicated proxy 

  • Time based IP rotation/API to change IP on demand 

  • Perfect for social media, betting, scraping etc 

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