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ASocks – quality & ultra-fast residential proxies with the best price on the market 1 GB = 3$, «Pay as you Go». We provide more than 7 million IPS from 150+ countries worldwide. Our mission is to provide residential proxies for any purpose and offer the best possible solution.


  • Multiple whitelisted IP's

  • 30% discount for Multilogin users - click "Get ASocks now" below

  • Large proxy network to track down ad frauds & staying anonymous

  • Cleanest proxies on the market without bans

  • Large GEO coverage

  • Premium Support 24/7

ASocks proxy offers:

Residential proxies

  • Pay-as-you-go at the price of 3$/GB 

  • 150+ countries and 70k+ legitimate residential IPs

  • APN included, it’s free for users

  • IP whitelist and username/password authentication

  • Flexible geo-targeting

  • Special 30% discount for Multilogin users

Special promo code

  • Use promo code ASOCKS and get your second month of Multilogin for half price. The discount amount depends on your first month's deposit.

This is an exclusive deal for Multilogin users. To take advantage of this offer, you'll need to set up an account with Multilogin first. If you are already a user, simply proceed to the partner's page to claim your deal.