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Multilogin | Easy Ways to Grow Your Business with Automation

The easy ways automation can help multi-account businesses

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know Multilogin leads the market in providing stable virtual browser profiles to reduce bans – but that’s not the only way we can help your business scale. We also offer the possibility to use local API automation and browser automation with our software to help you take your business to new heights without the costs of growing large teams or infrastructure.

What kinds of business automation can be done with Multilogin?

Multilogin offers two keys ways for our users to integrate your automation with our software.

Firstly, you can use local API automation for simple manual tasks in Multilogin. Many of our users take advantage of this to do repetitive actions like programmatically creating profiles and deleting profiles.

Secondly, you can implement browser automation using your preferred method – either the Puppeteer or Selenium frameworks. This gives you almost unlimited possibilities of what you can do: anything you would do manually within our Stealthfox and Mimic browsers, you are able to do set up automation to do hands-off. Although Multilogin doesn’t provide pre-done browser automation, you have the freedom to work with your own developers to do so.

How can local API and browser automation benefit your business?

One of the consistent pieces of feedback we hear from our users is how crucial Multilogin is in helping them to scale their businesses faster and further than they ever thought possible – as we like to say, to make the impossible possible!

Part of this is down to our robust browser profiles that appear as native devices, allowing you to run thousands of accounts while protecting against bans. However, just running all these accounts can be a very manual task: you need team members to update them, to monitor them, even just to create them for short and quick tasks.

This is doable at small to medium numbers, but at scale can become a sizeable operation, requiring significant investment in a potentially expensive team.

The way around that, of course, is with automation.

As our user Aakash from Fubee Media tells, ‘Multilogin means one person can do the work of ten people!’ All your manual and repetitive tasks can be automated, meaning you can grow to, for example, ten times your current size at as little as no further cost, or merely the cost of development activity.

Among use cases, some simple examples of reducing the burden of manual tasks include:

  • Programmatically create-use-delete Multilogin profiles: Using local API, you can automate the creation of hundreds of profiles, often then to be built upon with browser automation to perform tasks like placing instant wagers in the betting industry.

  • Automate third-party platform account creation and activity: Use browser automation to take out the hassle of creating multiple accounts on social media, on email platforms or other third-party websites, and using them for activities like traffic emulation, moving items to cart, and so on.

  • Create automatic web scrapers: Leverage the power of automation to collecting information at scale from public websites, such as using data from reviews, pricing and other retail data to help boost your e-commerce strategy.

  • Manage accounts at scale: In addition to account creation and deletion, if your business has made a significant change, like switching to a new proxy partner, you can use local API to update all your profiles without needing to go through manually yourself.

So there you have it – a quickfire tutorial on how business automation can help you turbocharge your company’s growth with minimal investment in infrastructure and hiring. How far will you go?