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Multilogin | 5 Hacks to Get E-Commerce Customer Reviews

5 Hacks to get e-commerce customer reviews

ecommerce customer reviews

Increasing conversion is a tricky subject. For many companies, pumping more money into marketing budgets, sales teams, and fancy web designs is the only option. But a few years ago, a study was done that showed online reviews improved conversion by 270%.

Talk about a competitive advantage!

By mastering a few simple techniques, you can pile up the reviews and generate more sales. Before you know it, your shop will be bustling with customers and the competition will pale in comparison.

Benefits of e-commerce reviews

It's not just conversion, either. There's an inherent trust that people place in each other, which can lead to:

  • Increased customer loyalty — Once they’ve professed their opinion in a review, they will be more likely to check out a new product or service you release.

  • Improved SEO — Search engine algorithms love fresh content and reviews can help you rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

  • More word-of-mouth recommendations — When customers are excited to leave reviews, they are also more likely to share the experience with friends and family. This can snowball into more sales and leads for your shop down the road.

  • Greater brand awareness — Reviews are free advertising and allow you to reach a much wider audience than traditional marketing efforts.

  • Higher-quality leads from referral traffic — When someone lands on your shop through a referral, they are more likely to convert than those who find you through organic search.

  • Better customer service reputation — When customers leave reviews, it shows that you care about their experience and are willing to listen. This type of response can help to build a better customer service reputation over time.

The impact is felt across the entire business, so it's worth investing in ways to get more customer reviews.

5 hacks to get e-commerce customer reviews

You don't want to be funneling money into this process though, so here are five hacks on how to get reviews on Amazon, eBay, or other marketplaces without breaking the bank.

Make it easy

Don't force your customer to think too hard. The more steps you add to the process, the less likely they are to complete it. Simplify by adding an automatic email after purchase that links them directly to the product page with instructions on how to leave a review.

There can't ever be a moment of hesitation. Focus on things like:

  • Page loading speed

  • Review visibility

  • Preset ratings

  • Easy comment/review submission forms

A little nudge in the right direction goes a long way, as long as there aren’t barriers blocking the path.

Offer incentives

Some customers need a bit more than just an email. People love discounts, freebies, and anything that they consider a reward. A great way to get your customers to review your product is by offering them something in return.

This could be anything from a small discount on their next purchase to free shipping if they leave a review within the first week of buying.

Everyone loves a good deal. Encourage them to leave a positive review.

Solicit feedback

If you can convince your buyers that their thoughts on a product will be considered and respected, they’ll be more likely to leave a review. Show them that you value their opinion by engaging directly.

Surveys, polls, or even just asking for their thoughts directly on your product page or social media accounts can lead to open dialogue between you and the customer.

If you ever see a chance to show your target market that specific feedback led to a change in a product or service, take it! You’ll see a substantial increase in the number of reviews.

Gamify it

Adding a bit of competition to the mix can be an effective way to get more reviews. Create leaderboards or competitions for customers who leave the most helpful and engaging reviews.

The idea is that these people will be incentivized, not just with discounts, but also with recognition from other customers. This will create a fun atmosphere where everyone wants to share their opinion.

Popular video game marketplace Steam does a great job of this by including a "Was this review helpful?" button at the bottom of each comment. There are simple yes/no options along with "funny" or medals that are awarded for especially outstanding reviews. A discount is great, but those upvotes are even better!

Physical follow-up

Remember that while you can prompt a customer with emails, they might be filtered into a spam folder or quickly deleted. Sending out a review card with the product can be a great way to make sure your customer knows what you want from them.

These cards can include simple instructions for leaving a review and even have a link or QR code that takes the customer straight to the product page where they can leave their opinion.

Everyone who gets your product will understand how critical reviews are. Adding a physical element to the review process can also make it seem more personal and encourage customers to leave some positive comments.

Bonus hack: How to get the dream review

Not all reviews are the same. While a thumbs-up may be better than nothing, a magic ingredient can make a review all-powerful: the selfie.

Encourage your customers to include a photo of them using the product. For many people, there is a disconnect between seeing something in your online store and imagining it in their hands. By seeing another real person using the product, customers can get an idea of how it might look and feel in their own homes.

A customer who takes the time to post a selfie with their new product has already invested more than just time — they have invested emotion. This kind of connection is hard to come by and often ends up being worth its weight in gold!

Final thoughts

Getting customer reviews can be a tricky process but with the right strategy, it can help to boost your e-commerce business.

By offering incentives, sending out review cards, and encouraging customers to post selfies of themselves using the product — you can get customer reviews faster than ever before.

Start implementing these hacks today and watch as your online store explodes with popularity!