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Bypass the Verified Fan Registration | Fully Automated and Without Limits

How to Bypass the Verified Fan Registration

Standing in line for concert tickets is a thing of the past (mostly). Online ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster have made it possible for fans to purchase tickets from the comfort of their homes. However, with the rise of resellers, obtaining tickets can often be a challenge. That’s why Ticketmaster has verification for real fans.

Understanding Verified Fan Concept

Verified Fan is a system implemented by Ticketmaster to detect scalping bots and ensure tickets reach genuine fans. During a Verified Fan sale, fans interested in attending a specific event register through a dedicated page. Ticketmaster then employs various methods (which are not usually publicly disclosed) to verify accounts of real users and filter bots. After successful registration users receive a unique access code for the pre-sale, significantly increasing their chances of securing desired tickets.

Can Ticket Brokers Register as a Verified Fan?

Well, yes. For that, you need to find the link to the registration, have an authentical digital ID, and ideally have a purchasing history without reselling. The benefits of Verified fan status:

  • Increased Access to Presales: One can access exclusive presales at specific events before general ticket sales begin. This allows brokers to purchase tickets before they become available to the public, offering a significant advantage.

  • Reduced Competition: With fewer bots in the mix, one might face less competition during the general sale.

Here's how you can increase your chances of securing tickets:

  • Antidetect Browsers and Proxy Provider: Multilogin can help you maintain a unique digital fingerprint for each account and has its own Multilogin Proxy, providing high-quality residential traffic for your digital identities on Ticketmaster.

  • Multiple Accounts: With Multilogin you can manage and switch between verified accounts seamlessly on one computer, ensuring you don't miss any purchase windows.

  • Automated Registration: You might think of a script to speed up your registration since the number of verified fan codes is usually limited. Multilogin supports such frameworks as Playwright, Puppeteer, and Selenium to run your automation scripts within one browser.

Important Considerations

  • Registration Not Guaranteed: Verified Fan status doesn't guarantee securing a ticket. Even after registering, you might not receive an access code.

  • Limited Inventory: The number of tickets available in pre-sales is limited.

  • Selling Restrictions: Some events might have restrictions on reselling tickets purchased through Verified Fan.

  • Individual Artist Decisions: While Ticketmaster implements Verified Fan, artists or platforms can opt out of the program for specific events.

Platforms Where Verified Fan is Used

The Verified Fan program is primarily used by Ticketmaster, a dominant player in the primary ticketing market. However, other platforms might implement similar initiatives to combat scalping and prioritize genuine fans.

Finding Verified Fan Registration Links

Ticketmaster usually announces Verified Fan registration windows through various channels:

  • Event Pages: The official event page on Ticketmaster will often display information about the Verified Fan program and provide a registration link if applicable.

  • Artist Announcements: Artists and event organizers might advertise Verified Fan registration details on their social media platforms and official websites when announcing the tour details.

  • Ticketmaster Newsletters & Alerts: Subscribing to Ticketmaster newsletters or setting up event alerts can provide updates about Verified Fan registration opportunities.

How to Be a Verified Fan on Ticketmaster?

  1. Create a Ticketmaster Account: If you haven't already, create a free Ticketmaster account to participate in Verified Fan registration.

  2. Find the Verified Fan Registration Page: Locate the dedicated registration page for the event you're interested in. This can be found on the artist's website, social media, or the Ticketmaster event page as mentioned above.

  3. Register: Complete the registration form, typically requiring information like your email address, phone number, and preferred show date(s).

  4. Wait for Verification: Ticketmaster will review your registration and send a confirmation or rejection notification before the pre-sale.

  5. Receive Access Code (if approved): For successful applicants, Ticketmaster will send a unique access code via text message closer to the pre-sale date.

Ticketmaster Presale Passcode: A Final Word

While Verified Fan might seem like a hurdle, it can be a valuable tool in your ticket broker arsenal. By understanding the system and its functionalities, you can leverage it strategically to secure more tickets for hot events. However, maximizing your success requires constant vigilance. Here's how:

  • Stay on Top of Announcements: Keep a close eye on artists and event announcements to find special offers for the fans.

  • Prompt Registration: Don't miss the registration window! Act swiftly when Verified Fan registration opens for the desired events.

  • Create multiple accounts: Managing multiple registrations and unique IP addresses and digital assets such as cookies and browser extensions increases the likelihood that you will be able to secure tickets through Verified Fan.

    But what if you could handle all these processes and manage them all in one place?  
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