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Multilogin | Running Multiple Accounts? Here's How to Scale Fast

Running multiple accounts? Here is how to scale at speed

After an unusual year, 2021 is set to be the year of the bounce back, but some new habits will die hard. The global ecommerce market is set to grow 32% this year as ever more of us embrace online services. For affiliate marketers and online vendors, the size of the prize is huge. But if meeting that challenge means managing hundreds, if not thousands of accounts, how is it possible? We explain.

The size of the prize: $27 trillion

Data from Grand View Research estimates that growth in online business will see the ecommerce sector grow to an astonishing $27 trillion over the next five to seven years. Much of this growth is likely to come from shoppers discovering new platforms and vendors: a traffic gold mine for affiliate marketers. Worldwide, according to analysis by PerformanceIn figures, the past year has seen the average number of brand-new online shoppers growing 12%. There is an enormous opportunity out there for anyone working as an ecommerce vendor or an affiliate marketer to grow your revenue exponentially. Careful planning could make the coming months and years extremely profitable indeed for online businesses.

Traditional scaling: slow and expensive

Now, if you’re running multiple accounts, scaling traditionally would have been incredibly expensive and risky. It would require a large amount of physical infrastructure, using as many as hundreds of computers and laptops to run different accounts on.

However, not only is that expensive, it is also risky. While you are using different machines, that doesn't mean that the profiles you are running on them are iron-clad: take your shared public IP address through a single router, for instance. This places your business on thin ice: the moment any of your accounts are banned or blacklisted, that physical investment becomes worthless – and you can never truly plan ahead due to the uncertainty.

Your secret weapon: virtual profiles

However, there is another way. 

The key is virtual profiles. With the ability to create completely separated virtual browser profiles using one single device, you immediately eliminate the physical cost of scaling. Not only that, but you eliminate many of the associated risks by ensuring you have completely customizable, reliable profiles that do not leak between each other. 

By using virtual profiles, you’re also not constrained by parameters; you can make your profiles as different from one another as needed, from OS to crucial small details like screen resolution and media devices. By adding a proxy, you can also edit key IP settings like your geolocation and time zone.

Automation makes this entire set-up faster and far more painless than the traditional method. For example, the old style would have you spending significant chunks of time creating a browser history to make your profile appear legitimate – visiting Facebook, Googling various websites, perhaps visiting eBay or Amazon, and so on – or would see you buying used profiles where you can’t guarantee the integrity of their history. 

The new ways means that you can use tools like Multilogin's CookieRobot to automatically crawl sites of your choosing, so they can establish your cookie history while you occupy yourself with more pressing matters.

Meanwhile, the original set-up of profiles means you quite simply can get started in as little as sixty seconds. Compare that to setting up a physical device from scratch, installing everything you need, waiting for updates – and then doing so multiple times.

2021: the year you break through your goals?

So will 2021 be the year you seize the opportunities out there for your business? With your secret weapon of virtual browser profiles allowing you to scale exponentially, there's every reason for the answer to be a resounding yes. To learn more about how Multilogin can help you, find out which of our subscription plans would suit your needs best. Let's get cracking!