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Multilogin | Scale Fast With 1000s Of Profiles

Antidetect browser and residential proxies
2-in-1 for the same price

Pay 25% less!

NEW Get top-quality residential proxy traffic with any plan.



10 browser profiles

0 team members

  • Profiles with cloud and local storage

  • No automation token

  • 1 GB of Multilogin proxy traffic


-20% included

100 browser profiles

0 team members

  • Profiles with cloud and local storage

  • API access RPM 50

  • 5 GB of Multilogin proxy traffic


-20% included

300 browser profiles

team members

  • Profiles with cloud and local storage

  • API access RPM 100

  • 10 GB of Multilogin proxy traffic


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with extra features

  • More browser profiles, unlimited quick profiles

  • Unlimited API access

  • More Multilogin proxy traffic

NEW Get top-quality residential proxy traffic with any plan.

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Plans That Match Your Needs

Browser profile managementSTARTERSOLOTEAM
Local and cloud profiles
Custom browser fingerprint based on real-user data
Mimic and Stealthfox privacy browsers
Easy proxy integration and verification

Multilogin residential proxy

NEW Proxy traffic (monthly)

1 GB5 GB10 GB

API RPM RPH and knowledge center

RPM 50RPM 100
Playwright (Mimic only), Selenium Hardened, and Puppeteer Hardened
Team member seats
Advanced team management
Profile sharing
24/7 in-app live chat and email support
Comprehensive help center

Plans & Pricing FAQs

Antidetect browsers are innovative tools that help protect your online identity by altering your "digital fingerprint". Each internet user has a unique digital fingerprint, which includes information like your browser type, timezone, and language settings. Websites use this data to recognize you.

With an antidetect browser, you can create multiple online profiles, each equipped with its own unique digital fingerprint. This is especially useful if you are managing several accounts from a single computer, as it makes each account appear as if it's being accessed from a different device.

While it depends on the niche where you apply it, the main benefits are the following:

  • Privacy and Anonymity: These browsers help keep your online activities private by preventing websites from tracking and linking your accounts together. This is done by masking your digital fingerprints, such as browser type, IP address, and more.

  • Manage Multiple Accounts: For platforms that restrict the use of multiple accounts (like social media advertising platforms or ticketing platforms), antidetect browsers allow you to create and manage various profiles without the risk of being banned.

  • Teamwork Flexibility: Antidetect browsers enable you to share profiles securely with your team members without exposing sensitive information like passwords. This makes collaboration seamless and secure.

Multilogin has been a leader in the field of antidetect browsers since 2015 and has been recognized as the best antidetect browser 5 years in a row by CpaLife, Conversion Club, Kinza, and G2. Here are some key advantages of our software:

  1. Proxy and Antidetect Combination: You receive both proxy and antidetect capabilities for the price of one product. This means no need to purchase separate services, and Multilogin takes full responsibility for your success, without passing the blame.

  2. High-quality Residential IP Proxy Nodes: With over 150 countries and 1400 cities to choose from, Multilogin provides extensive geographical coverage, allowing precise targeting right down to the city level.

  3. Daily Testing on 80+ Websites: The support team at Multilogin uses the product daily, ensuring they are fully equipped to help users with deeply informed advice and troubleshooting.

  4. Simple Automation API: Multilogin's straightforward API supports automation of tasks in the browser, compatible with tools like Playwright, Puppeteer, and Selenium.

Multilogin excels in areas such as data scraping and automation by offering:

  • Unique Fingerprints: It can create realistic browser profiles with unique digital fingerprints, helping avoid detection and simulate real user behavior.

  • Integrated Automation Tools: Tools like Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer are integrated for seamless scraping operations.

  • Multilogin Residential Proxies: High-quality residential proxies are available directly within the browser, ensuring efficient and safe data collection.

  • Remote Team Collaboration: Profiles can be synchronized across devices, allowing remote access and collaborative work without compromising security.

Multilogin provides residential proxy traffic on a monthly basis with any subscription plan. Proxy traffic is available directly in your browser profile settings, and if you run out, topping up is easy – just reach out to our support team.

All users receive residential proxy traffic based on their plan: 1GB for Starter, 5GB for Solo, and 10GB for Team, perfect for a wide range of activities from account management to data scraping. Additionally, users can connect to proxies over HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS5 protocols.

Multilogin offers residential proxies in over 150 countries and 1400 cities worldwide, with continuous expansions in their network. This extensive coverage ensures that users can target any location globally.

Rotating residential proxies are ideal for most users. As we move through our day, our IP addresses naturally change when we switch between different Wi-Fi networks or cellular data. This is normal behavior that won’t raise suspicions on websites.

For activities that involve high-volume data requests, such as scraping product listings or fetching travel deals, rotating proxies are particularly beneficial. They help prevent your primary IP address from being blocked by websites, keeping your activities anonymous and uninterrupted.

Providers typically offer per-gigabyte plans, so you only pay for the data you use. Prices can start around $7 per GB but also can get cheaper with higher volume plans.

Multilogin X employs a web interface for profile management but requires the download of small "Agent" and "Launcher" files on your computer. These files manage two specialized browsers, Mimic and Stealthfox, which are built on Chrome and Firefox engines, respectively. While manual browser profile management is done via a web browser, the actual browsing occurs locally on your machine, leveraging advanced antidetect capabilities.

Multilogin X is not a cloud application. The profile browsers run directly on your computer, although the interface used to manage these browsers operates through a web browser, giving the feel of a cloud application. User data can be synchronized across multiple devices over an encrypted Multilogin cloud.

Multilogin X represents a significant upgrade from Multilogin 6, featuring an enhanced web interface, API access for all plans, and an improved proxy service with premium residential IPs and bonus traffic. That said, we keep fully supporting and updating Multilogin 6 to enable the latest antidetect technology in version 6.

No, if you already have a Multilogin 6 subscription, you automatically gain access to the corresponding features in Multilogin X.

One can use the Migration tool available for Multilogin users by reaching out to the support team to get access.

  1. Create or pick a group of profiles that you'd like to migrate

  2. Remember the name of the group

  3. Log out of Multilogin 6: click "My account" → "Log out"

  4. Click "Migrate to Multilogin X" on the welcome page

  5. Fill out all the fields and click "Start migration to Multilogin X"

  6. Keep Multilogin 6 open during migration and monitor the progress

  7. Once completed, you can download a report, continue to Multilogin X or migrate another group of profiles

For more details check out this step-by-step guide here.

Generally, no. For large projects, however, the sales team can discuss testing opportunities during the call.

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