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Multilogin | Build an OnlyFans Scraper

IP Rotation for Data Scraping

Run your scraping scripts on human-mimicking browser profiles with integrated IP rotation. Safely bypass anti-bot algorithms and geo-restrictions. Scrape data from multiple sources simultaneously and access the most up-to-date datasets.
IP Rotation for Data Scraping

Unlock Access to Real-Time Data at Scale

Maintain a continuous flow of data, effectively bypassing anti-bot systems and avoiding blocks or CAPTCHA challenges. IP rotation ensures uninterrupted access to data without interruptions, allowing seamless extraction of information from various sources.

Unlock Access to Real-Time Data at Scale

Scrape Faster with Instant On-Premise Infrastructure

Simplify your scraping with our easy-to-use browser that includes built-in IP rotation. Operate within your own environment using rotating residential proxies for better efficiency.

Scrape Faster with Instant On-Premise Infrastructure

Use Top Quality IPs While Scraping

Our advanced filtering algorithm ensures top-notch IPs, over 95%+ clean IP record rate. Access pages on the first attempt while scraping, saving both traffic and time.

Use Top Quality IPs While Scraping

Break Geo-Restrictions with Blazing Fast Proxies

Scrape data worldwide with Multilogin browsers powered by residential proxies. Enjoy ultra-fast response times of just 1 second, enabling swift data retrieval. Access 5 million+ IPs across 195+ countries, ensuring extensive geographic coverage. You can keep your IP for as long as possible: Your IP will change on average every 24 hours.

Break Geo-Restrictions with Blazing Fast Proxies

What is Antidetect Browser?

Antidetect browsers disguise your browsing sessions to appear as if they are coming from different real users. By imitating genuine user behavior, they enable you to keep a low profile while engaging in high-volume scraping tasks.

Why Choose Multilogin?

Multilogin equips you with everything you need to automate your data scraping projects: antidetect browsers that mimic real users, high-quality residential proxies that dodge anti-scraping bots, and browser automation support for popular drivers like Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium.

Multilogin Features

Bypass Protection
Bypass Bot Protection
Our fingerprint masking technology is capable of modifying numerous browser fingerprints to avoid detection.
Integration with Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer
Automate data extraction with popular browser automation drivers all while keeping them invisible to anti-automation bots.
Residential Rotating IPs
Residential Rotating Proxies
Gain access to premium residential proxy nodes in 1400+ cities across 150+ countries with your Multilogin subscription.
Fingerprint Adjustment  to Match Proxy
Fingerprint Adjustment to Proxies
All browser fingerprints are automatically adjusted to match the proxy’s location, enhancing anonymity.
Supports for All Proxy Types
Supports for All Proxy Types
Whether you use our proxies or bring your own, all proxy types are seamlessly supported.
Data Sync Over VPS
Use our cloud profiles to synchronize browser data across multiple VPS instances effortlessly.
Fully Featured Browsers
 Unlike headless browsers that are easily detected, our browsers mimic real user activity, preventing restrictions by websites.
Easy Dockerization
Dockerize your OnlyFans scraping instances with ease using our quick dockerization guide.

IP Rotation for Data Scraping FAQ

Understanding IP Rotation for Data Scraping

IP rotation is changing your IP address to avoid detection while data scraping. This is crucial since it allows you to avoid geographic limitations and IP bans, so maintaining access to the required data. Multilogin offers a complete web scraping solution that includes IP rotation and special browser features to keep your data scraping tasks running smoothly.

Benefits of Rotating Residential Proxies

Using rotating residential proxies is very important for web scraping because they make you look like a real user and keep your actions anonymous. Multilogin provides residential IP addresses that are tested daily, so your scraping activities stay hidden and you can gather data without interruptions.

Instant Data Scraper: Efficient Data Scrape Solution

An instant data scraper is a tool made to quickly get data from websites with little setup. These tools are easy to use and usually don't need any coding skills, making them perfect for people who need to scrape data quickly and easily. They can work with different data formats and structures, adjusting to the website's layout. Multilogin's solution works well with instant data scrapers, allowing you to start collecting data right away.

Most Used Anti-Scraping Measures by Website Hosts

  • IP Blocking: is a common anti-scraping measure that blocks requests from suspicious IP addresses.

  • CAPTCHA Challenges: require users to prove they are human by completing a CAPTCHA.

  • JavaScript Challenges: detect automated browsing by using JavaScript.

  • Rate Limiting: restricts the number of requests a user can make within a certain time frame.

  • Device Fingerprinting: identifies unique device characteristics to detect bots.

  • Honeypot Traps: are invisible elements on a webpage designed to trap bots.

  • Behavioral Analysis: monitors user behavior patterns to detect anomalies.

  • Header Analysis: inspects HTTP headers for inconsistencies or anomalies.

How to Bypass These Anti-Scraping Measures

Multilogin provides a consistent practice to guarantee ongoing data collecting and avoid anti-scrape policies. Multilogin lets you enable your scraping activities. Using an antidetect browser with rotating IPs will help you avoid detection and get the required data without interruptions.

How to Scrape Data from a Website

  1. Identify the Target Data: Such as user reviews or product information - you need from the website.

  2. Choose a Scraping Tool: Select a tool that suits your needs. For example, an instant data scraper makes scraping quick and easy, while a more advanced tool is better for complex work.

  3. Set Up IP Rotation: To change your IP address regularly use rotating residential proxies. This makes you seem like a real user and helps you avoid IP bans.

  4. Configure Your Scraper: Set up your scraper to search the website and find the data you want. Specify the data fields to extract and the collecting settings.

  5. Control Anti-Scraping Policies: Use Multilogin's antidetect browser features to evade typical anti-scraping measures such as rate limitation, JavaScript challenges, and CAPTCHAs.

  6. Run the Scraper: Run the scraper and track its progress to ensure it is effectively and precisely gathering data.

  7. Data Storage: Save the scraped data in your preferred format, such as CSV, JSON, or directly into a database for further analysis and use.

By using Multilogin's solution and following these steps, you can scrape data from websites safely, avoid detection, and keep accessing the information smoothly.

How to Start Using Multilogin 

Start collecting data effortlessly with the industry leading antidetect browser.


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