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Uncover Why NetNut is the Best Proxy Service: In-Depth Review & Exclusive Promo

In-depth NetNut Review, Pros & Cons, and What is it Best For? 

Established in 2017, NetNut has been providing businesses with robust solutions for data gathering and access to web intelligence insights.  

NetNut website states ‘the fastest residential proxies network’ with millions of residential IPs across 200 countries, making sure you never run out of IP addresses. 

So why is this more than just a marketing spin? Let’s dive into the article below for an in-depth review of NetNut. Plus, there's an exclusive promo waiting for you at the end of the article—don’t miss out! 

What Makes NetNut Stand Out? 

While most proxy providers use peer-to-peer (P2P) networks to source their residential IPs, NetNut works with a company called DiviNetworks to acquire them directly from over 100 ISPs globally. Regular proxies are dependent on normal people's internet connections, which might be sluggish and unreliable. NetNut solves this problem by connecting directly to internet service providers (ISPs). This direct connection is like having your own private internet highway, guaranteeing that everything operates swiftly and efficiently, even when dealing with a large workload. 

NetNut’s primary advantage lies in its provision of real static IPs that operate 24/7, backed by real users. This approach ensures superior masking of your online activities, minimizing the risk of detection. Unlike other proxy services that route through multiple users, NetNut’s patented one-hop connection system secures IPs directly from ISPs. This results in faster, more stable, and reliable connections. 

With a pool of over 1 million mobile IPs, NetNut offers extensive coverage, allowing you to choose from a global allocation down to specific states and cities. This precise geographic targeting is particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals needing accurate location-based operations. 

In 2024, NetNut took their commitment to customer service and data security to new heights by introducing 24/7 support, achieving ISO 27001 certification, revamping their website for a better user experience, and launching the Impact Data Initiative to provide advanced tools to NGOs, universities, and public entities. 

Providing prompt support email or Slack, NetNut team ensures that any issues you encounter are addressed as fast as possible, maintaining seamless operation. The dedication to prompt and efficient customer service reflects NetNut's commitment to its clients. 

What Is NetNut Best For? 

Netnut is a perfect fit for a variety of users and use cases, thanks to its unique features and robust performance. Here are the key groups that can benefit the most from using NetNut: 

1. Web scraping 

NetNut stands out as an exceptional solution for web scraping, offering a host of features that ensure efficiency, reliability, and anonymity.  

By sourcing IPs directly from over 100 ISPs globally, NetNut ensures that each request appears genuine and undetectable by anti-scraping technologies.  

This vast network also ensures that web scraping operations can be conducted without the risk of IP bans, geo-restriction, or rate limits.  

2. Market Research 

NetNut users also mention that this tool is a top-tier solution for market research. NetNut offers precise geographic targeting down to the city level, enabling researchers to gather localized insights. This feature is vital for understanding regional market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes. 

Since NetNut allows for unlimited concurrent sessions, enabling market researchers to conduct multiple data extraction tasks simultaneously. This capability is essential for large-scale research projects, allowing for comprehensive and efficient data collection in a shorter time frame. 

3. SEO Monitoring & SERP Tracking 

NetNut's targeting capabilities allow you to focus on specific locations, making it ideal for SEO specialists. This feature enables them to observe how search engine rankings vary globally. It's akin to having a magnifying glass for local SEO strategies. Plus, NetNut allows access to data from many sources, like search engines and other websites. This all-in-one data collection helps SEOs get a complete picture of how well their keywords are performing and how effective their overall SEO strategy is. 

4. Ticket Scalping 

The key to successful ticket scalping is to use more than one IP address. You need all your profiles to look like real users in the eyes of platforms like Ticketmaster to avoid bans and successfully bypass the virtual queue.  

Ticket scalpers often rely on creating multiple accounts to buy a high volume of tickets. This can trigger red flags for ticketing websites because they typically see these purchases coming from impersonal datacenter locations.  

That's why along with antidetect browser you might need residential proxies. Instead of relying on impersonal clunky datacenter IPs, residential proxies route your requests through real home internet connections. Imagine it like borrowing a friend's Wi-Fi – it appears like a normal user accessing the website, making it much harder for the ticketing platform to detect and block you.  

We, as antidetect browser, also think that NetNut is a powerful proxy for ticket scalpers. NetNut provides access to over 85 million rotating residential IPs. This vast pool allows ticket scalpers to make numerous requests from different IP addresses, reducing the risk of getting flagged or blocked by ticketing websites. 

NetNut's residential proxies offer high levels of anonymity, making it difficult for ticketing sites to detect and block scalping activities. The proxies are sourced directly from ISPs, ensuring they mimic regular user behavior and bypass security measures designed to detect automated activity. 

NetNut Notable Features 

NetNut's ISP-sourced proxies offer several benefits. Essentially, you get the stability and performance of data center IPs combined with the resilience and stealth of residential IPs. These IPs are accessed through what NetNut calls its 'Super proxies,' which are load balancers that handle your requests and assign you the most likely available IP address in the desired location. 

There’s no limit to the number of concurrent requests you can send, and NetNut actually recommends initiating as many sessions as possible for optimal results. They report that some customers send over 30 million requests daily. 

You can use NetNut's proxies with all websites, including search engines. The company also provides optimized private proxy pools tailored to your targets to ensure high success rates. 

However, NetNut doesn't offer many management tools to simplify its service use. NetNut used to have a Chrome extension, but it's been removed from their website and is no longer available in the Chrome store, which is unfortunate given the popularity of the Chrome browser. 

However, Multilogin users can efficiently connect and manage NetNut proxies directly within the Mimic, a Chromium-based browser to switch between different IPs, monitor their connections, and optimize browsing activities. 

NetNut Pricing 

NetNut offers competitive pricing across its different proxy services. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing for rotating residential proxies, static residential proxies, and datacenter proxies: 

Rotating Residential Proxies: 

  • Starter: $99 monthly billed ($7.07 per GB with 14 GB Plan) 

  • Advanced: $250 monthly billed ($6.94 per GB with 36 GB Plan) 

  • Production: $499 monthly billed ($6.65 per GB with 75 GB Plan) 

Static Residential Proxies: 

  • Starter: $350 monthly billed ($17.5 per GB with 20 GB Plan) 

  • Advanced: $750 monthly billed ($15.00 per GB with 50 GB Plan) 

  • Production: $1000 monthly billed ($10.00 per GB with 100 GB Plan) 

Datacenter Proxies: 

  • Starter: $100 monthly billed ($1 per GB with 100 GB Plan) 

  • Advanced: $185 monthly billed ($0.74 per GB with 250 GB Plan) 

  • Production: $350 monthly billed ($0.7 per GB with 500 GB Plan) 

NetNut provides flexibility in pricing to accommodate various business needs, ensuring that you can select a plan that aligns with your data usage and budget requirements. One important factor to note is that NetNut’s proxies come at a higher price compared to many competitors. While this might be a consideration for some, the premium pricing reflects the exceptional quality and reliability of the service. For businesses and professionals prioritizing performance and stability, investing in NetNut’s proxies is often worth it. 

Pros and Cons of Using NetNut 


  • Direct ISP Connectivity: Ensures faster, more stable connections by bypassing the usual reliance on end users. 

  • Extensive IP Pool: Over 85 million rotating residential IPs provide comprehensive geographic coverage. 

  • High Reliability: Real static IPs backed by real users minimize the risk of detection and enhance performance. 

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Dedicated support available through email and Slack ensures prompt issue resolution. 


  • Higher Pricing: NetNut’s proxies are priced higher than many competitors, which might be a consideration for budget-conscious users. 

  • Complex Setup for Novices: While integration is straightforward, the initial setup might be slightly complex for those new to proxy services. 

Why You Need a Proxy Like NetNut to Work with an Antidetect Browser 

NetNut's ISP-sourced residential IPs provide better anonymity, faster and more stable connections, and reduced risk of detection compared to standard proxies. This combination is ideal for large-scale operations, offering extensive IP pools and precise geographic targeting. NetNut's seamless integration with Multilogin ensures that you can efficiently manage multiple online tasks while maintaining high levels of privacy and performance. 

Using an antidetect browser alone provides significant privacy and anonymity benefits but pairing it with a high-quality proxy service like NetNut elevates your online security to the next level. The combination ensures enhanced anonymity, improved performance, reduced risk of detection, and the ability to handle large-scale operations with geographic flexibility.  

To Wrap Up

NetNut provides a robust and reliable proxy solution, especially beneficial for Multilogin users. With real static IPs, a unique one-hop connection system, and a vast IP pool, it offers unparalleled stability and performance.  

Here's the best part: NetNut is offering a special discount just for you! Head over to NetNut and use the code multilogin20 at checkout to receive 20% off package over $100 (applicable to the $300 package and above). 

Although priced higher than some competitors, the superior quality and outstanding customer support make NetNut a worthy investment for those serious about online anonymity and efficiency. Integrating NetNut with Multilogin is easy, allowing you to maximize the potential of both platforms effortlessly. 

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