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Admitad and Multilogin Partnership | Get $50 in Credits

Announcing Our New Partnership with Admitad: Get $50 in Credits & more!

We're excited to announce a powerful new partnership that will supercharge your affiliate marketing strategies—Multilogin and Admitad are joining forces!

About Admitad  

Since its inception in 2009, Admitad has risen to become a powerhouse in the performance marketing arena. It equips businesses large and small with cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and efficiency in their marketing strategies. Here’s what makes Admitad stand out:

  • Diverse Industry Reach: From e-commerce to digital services and beyond, Admitad’s reach spans a wide array of sectors, helping businesses connect with the ideal audience.

  • Extensive Affiliate Network: Linking over 3,000 advertisers with more than 100,000 publishers globally, Admitad’s network ensures expansive market coverage.

  • Global Operations: With offices across the globe including the UAE, USA, Poland, and Brazil, their worldwide presence is robust.

  • Trusted by Leading Brands: Companies like Lenovo, Adobe, and Nike trust Admitad for its proven effectiveness.

  • Commitment to Excellence: Admitad values measurability, transparency, and fairness, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.

Why Multilogin and Admitad Together?

Combining Admitad’s affiliate network with Multilogin’s advanced antidetect technology and proxy solutions addresses common digital marketing challenges, such as boosting sales, enhancing ROI, and expanding reach. Here’s what our collaboration brings to the table:

  • Wider Reach & Enhanced Engagement: Tap into new markets and connect with diverse consumer groups using Admitad’s extensive publisher network.

  • Increased Security & Privacy: Multilogin ensures that your marketing campaigns are safeguarded against online threats, protecting your strategic data.

  • Boosted ROI: Integrating Admitid’s marketing tactics with Multilogin’s secure browsing technologies drives better campaign outcomes and higher sales.

  • Advanced Proxy Management: Handle multiple accounts effortlessly with Multilogin’s proxy solutions, avoiding IP bans and overcoming geo-restrictions.

  • Transparent Operations: Our shared dedication to transparency means all dealings are straightforward and beneficial.

Additional Benefits from Admited:  

  • Cashback Deals: Enhance customer attraction with Admitad’s cashback offers.

  • Push Notifications: Keep your audience engaged with timely updates.

  • Coupon Distribution: Increase traffic and conversions through exciting coupons.

  • Expert Media Buying: Access seasoned media buyers who can fine-tune your advertising spend.


Try Admitad with Multilogin Promo Code

Leverage antidetect and affiliate network tools to navigate the digital marketing landscape with an exclusive offer. New sign-ups through our partnership can start with $50 in credits, available upon earning $300 as an Admitad publisher. This special promotion is only available for one week sign up now to capitalize on this opportunity!

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