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Multilogin | How To Warm Up Accounts & Stop Bans

How to warm up your accounts

If your business is dependent on running multiple accounts without bans, then it's crucial that you're setting these up the correct way right from the very start – or you may find your undetectability is already compromised and the lifespan of your accounts is short. It’s a risk many businesses can’t afford to take.

What do we mean by warming up accounts?

There is no absolute ironclad way to stop account bans, but there are some very important tips and tricks that you can implement. One of these is to warm up your accounts: an important step to take before you start using them. It refers to building up a realistic ‘backstory’ through your browser history and actions, so that you appear to be a real user rather than an account that has been suddenly created and instantly used to open a store on Amazon or set up a Facebook Business Manager.

In some cases, businesses will bulk-purchase farmed accounts from another provider, so that they don’t have to go through the process of building a history themselves. However, these kinds of third-party aged accounts can be a risk themselves because you don’t always have a guarantee of their history. Have they been blacklisted from particular websites, or already used for certain activities? Is their history really ironclad, and have they truly followed good practice?

How do you set up profiles to help stop account bans?

In Multilogin, it’s easy to create and warm up your account.

Before we get to the actual warming up stage, note that’s important to be using a good-quality proxy and ensure that all your browser profile settings are consistent. Generally speaking, multi-account businesses have more success with residential proxies than with datacenter proxies. Datacenter proxies are not owned by ISPs but by commercial datacenters and are by their nature somewhat suspicious – it’s not normal for your average web visitor to connect from one – meaning that they can be a red flag. Residential IPs, on the other hand, appear more usual, especially for the sort of activity that we’re likely to build up as we warm up our accounts. It’s worth mentioning the sub-category of mobile proxies – which more and more research shows may be an even stronger way of helping to stop account bans as they are commonly shared among multiple users, and so behavior patterns may be expected to be less linear.

How do you warm up your account?

With this set up, it’s time to start warming up your account.

The key point to this is building up a realistic history that makes you appear like a genuine user. This means visiting common websites like news sites, scrolling through social media, clicking through links and spending a realistic length of time on pages.

This could seem time-consuming, but this is where Multilogin comes in.

Through using our own CookieRobot technology, you can use the power of automation to populate each of your browser profiles with relevant history and activity in the background, while you get on with other tasks.

Simply input a list of the websites that you’d like it to visit, and then specify the amount of time that will be spent between navigating to each URL. CookieRobot will then get to work, visiting these sites and clicking and scrolling through pages. You can run this one as many accounts as you need, meaning you can set up multiple accounts without needing your team members to spend valuable time clicking through many websites for each one.

Ideally, try to warm up your accounts by using some URLs that contain a widget from the web platform you will be using in your Multilogin virtual profile. For example, if you’re using Facebook, you’ll want to visit some pages that contain a Facebook like or share button, as well as of course its tracking pixel. This will all help to build up a realistic history.

With that, you have an account with a realistic background, and one that you can trust better than a farmed account.

Our latest podcast interview includes some interesting discussion on warming up accounts, plus further industry insider information, including a whole new kind of asset: immortal accounts. Watch it today on YouTube.