How to Share Account Access without Risk or Verification Checks

So how do online marketers manage dozens to hundreds of accounts? You have everything from social accounts to merchant accounts for yourself and your clients. Each account needs to be accessible by different people, such as VAs (virtual assistants) and team members, throughout any given project. You need an efficient way to grant access without … Continue


Datacenter vs. Residential IP Proxies: Your Complete Guide

Our software, Multilogin, masks all of the common browser fingerprints, such as screen size, operating system, and others that websites use to track and identify you. As using the same browser fingerprint across your different accounts can lead to account suspension. But ultimately, the biggest fingerprint of all is your IP address. Using the same … Continue


How Canvas Fingerprint Blockers Make You Easily Trackable

Thought your canvas fingerprint blocker made you incognito? Think again. As many know, canvas fingerprinting is the most recent development in web tracking. In the past, the easiest way to prevent web tracking was to block out the method of tracking entirely. For example, to prevent cookie tracking, you simply disable cookies in your browser. … Continue

How to create a unique online identity with Multilogin?

Multiple Internet identities include anything from multiple accounts on a single website to different computers with a different connection. The purposes why people need them are various. Within the context of our website and Multilogin, we view identity as a set of computer, browser and connection parameters that server can read off your client. We … Continue

Multiple Account Management with Multilogin

You must have experienced a situation when you tried and failed to log in to another profile within the same social service. It is simply annoying to have to do browser-acrobatics when you are trying to manage several accounts at the same time. However, with the Multilogin application, you can manage multiple accounts quickly and … Continue