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Resell Concert Tickets | With Maximum Revenue, No Limitations

How to Resell Concert Tickets?

Ticket Reselling Laws: Is Reselling Tickets Illegal? 

Understanding the legal aspects of ticket reselling is crucial before considering ticket scalping and reselling. Generally, reselling tickets is not illegal. However, certain venues or events might have limitations on ticket reselling, such as price caps or restrictions on the number of tickets per person or distance from the place where an event is happening. Always check the event's official website for specific regulations. Remember it's your responsibility to stay informed about local and national laws governing ticket reselling in your area of selling. 

Important Considerations: 

  • Event Organizer Restrictions: Some event organizers might have restrictions on reselling tickets they have issued. Always check the event's official website or terms and conditions for any reselling limitations. 

  • Platform Policies: Each resale platform has its own policies regarding fees, restrictions, and user agreements. Familiarize yourself with the policies of each platform you use.  

Best Place to Resell Tickets: 

  • StubHub: A widely recognized resale marketplace offering a vast audience of potential buyers. Selling tickets on StubHub offers global reach and a user-friendly interface. Fees can vary depending on the event and ticket price. 

  • SeatGeek: Another popular platform known for lower seller fees compared to its competitors. SeatGeek resell tickets is a cost-effective option for brokers. 

  • Ticketmaster Resale: The official resale marketplace from Ticketmaster, often offering fan-to-fan transactions for events originally purchased on their platform. Keep in mind that some events may have restrictions on reselling tickets purchased through ticketmaster platform.  

  • AXS Resale: For tickets purchased through AXS, their resale platform allows a safe and convenient way to offload unwanted tickets. 

  • Local Marketplaces: Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, social media and local classifieds can offer opportunities for niche events or local ticket sales. However, always be mindful of potential scams and local regulations. 


  • Transparency is Key: Accurately describe the tickets you're selling, including location, section, etc. 

  • Customer Service Matters: Respond promptly to inquiries and provide smooth communication to build trust and positive buyer experiences. 

  • Stay Informed: Market trends, new platforms, and legal updates can significantly impact your business. Keep yourself informed to adapt your strategies effectively.  

How to Resell Tickets on Vivid Seats 

Vivid Seats is a popular platform for both buying and reselling concert tickets. If you're looking to offload some extras or capitalize on in-demand events, here's the process: 

  • Locate Your Tickets: Head to your "My Account" section and find the tickets you want to resell under "My Orders." 

  • Listing Details: Click on the specific event and choose "Sell Tickets." Enter the quantity of tickets you're reselling and set a competitive price. Vivid Seats offers some guidance on pricing based on market trends, which can be helpful. 

  • Delivery Method: Choose whether you'll upload electronic tickets directly (e-tickets) or have physical tickets. 

  • Review and Submit: Double-check all details, including pricing, quantity, and delivery method. Once satisfied, submit your listing, and your tickets will be viewable by potential buyers on the Vivid Seats marketplace. 

Bonus Tip: Consider using high-quality pictures of the event venue or seating section if available. This can add a touch of legitimacy and entice potential buyers. 


Timing is Everything: Best Time to Resell Concert Tickets 

Right timing can significantly impact your profits. Here are some general strategies: 

  • Pre-Sale Rush: For highly anticipated events, tickets often sell out during presales. Look for opportunities to secure tickets during presales and resell them closer to the event date.  

  • Hype and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): As the event date approaches, excitement builds, and fans might be willing to pay more to secure tickets. Monitor social media buzz and news articles to gauge event hype and adjust your pricing accordingly. 

  • Last-Minute Deals: Unexpected circumstances can lead to ticket holders needing to offload tickets close to the event. This can be an opportunity to snag tickets at a discount and resell them at a reasonable price. 

Additional Tips: 

  • Monitor Demand: Utilize online tools and forums to gauge public interest in the event. Higher demand translates to potentially higher resale prices. 

  • Track Historical Data: Analyze historical data on similar events to predict potential resale trends. 

  • Dynamic Pricing: Consider adjusting your prices based on real-time demand and competitor offerings. 


Ticket reselling requires a strategic approach, and the information provided here serves as a starting point. By leveraging the right platforms, timing your sales effectively, and adhering to legal guidelines, you can navigate the marketplace successfully and maximize your profits. 

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